Tesla delivery in Alaska

Tesla delivery in Alaska

I have just ordered my Tesla Model S and since I live in Wasilla, Alaska, Tesla is putting my car on a Truck (Carrier) and delivering it to my place of residence. Now, that is great! I was overcome that they would do this at NO charge to me. The delivery time would only vary by a couple days and a Technician would accompany the vehicle. This is hard to swallow. This kind of service is unprecedented, to say the least. Look out BMW,GM, Ford, Toyota and all other manufacturer's. I love it. Your future is becoming very dim.

ian | 27. august 2013

If it ever needs service they'll send a ranger out to you as well!

Glad to hear you've had an enjoyable experience with them so far!


Brian H | 28. august 2013

Just make sure they use a covered carrier, or wrap the car. Some contract carriers haven't bothered, and the road dirt can be significant.