Tesla Economics

Tesla Economics

Forgive me if this has already been discussed to death, but after digging through all the posts without finding anything, I have to ask, is there a plain language economic analysis that compares the four battery/power options for the Model S? Is the additional battery capacity, range, and faster acceleration worth the $10,000 incremental cost?
I know that the 40kw option does not allow for the rapid charge feature that the bigger batteries have, but I would like to know what else I should be considering in choosing the best option for me.
A link to an earlier discussion would be fine.
Thank you.

Volker.Berlin | 09. august 2012

David59, here is some discussion on battery sizes from November 2011. More opinion and personal considerations, less hard economics:

Here is some speculation about the effect of the size of a battery on its usable life:

Not exactly what you are looking for, but that's as close as it gets.

jerry3 | 09. august 2012

This isn't exactly what you're looking for either but it has a lot of comparison data.

David59 | 16. august 2012

After careful consideration and reality check I went with the 60kw-hr option. This way I get the quick charge package and less than 6 second 0-60 acceleration, two things that help justify the added cost. The next $10,000 would only add 60 miles driving range and a few tenths of a second faster acceleration. Also, this way I can still take delivery this year, in time for Christmas no less.

purrpleh | 17. august 2012

I think most people are looking for better packaging in the mid range battery which I think will have the most appeal...The 10k increment in pricing appears justified. One has to consider what your priorities are beyond range. I think Tesla has to reconsider the packaging of options to find a more appealing package of range, options and performance in the mid range (60kw battery). I am a huge supporter, and test drove the car last month, but I think this is an area of concern for better mass appeal. We will see what, if any changes they make.

Sudre_ | 17. august 2012

I thought maybe Tesla would change the game and offer things Ala-cart and in packages.
They could have priced the items such that if you got say 5 things out of the Tech package you would be better off getting the whole package.... or maybe your choice of three for $1500.

Brian H | 18. august 2012

One might suppose that the flexibility of a robotic line able to be programmed to do numerous tasks as required at every station would make that possible. Probably the near-term logistics complexity rules it out, though.

But that does seem to be the direction things "want" to go!