Tesla Headlights

Tesla Headlights

Hello Tesla enthusiasts,

I need some help, I bought four tesla headlights and don't know how much they are worth. I was hoping someone could help me out. I could send you some pictures of the lights. They look new and are very big with computer stuff inside them. Here are the numbers on the back;

Tesla HID

hid hsg 00149263


Brian H | 09. april 2013

?? Are they hot?

torst1 | 09. april 2013

I'd get it one piece at time
And it wouldn't cost me a dime
You'll know it's me when I come through your town
I'm gonna ride around in style
I'm gonna drive everybody wild
'Cause I'll have the only one there is around.


herkimer | 10. april 2013

Hmmm, something not right here. Why would you buy four headlights, if you don't even own the car? And where did you find 4 Tesla headlights for sale? Not sold by Tesla? I don't know of any Model S or Roadster owner that would randomely have 4 extra headlights on hand to sell....

holidayday | 10. april 2013

Jerbone: "I bought four tesla headlights and don't know how much they are worth."

They are worth what you bought them for. :)

Are you trying to sell them now? if so, why buy them in the first place?

jerbone2489 | 10. april 2013

First, they are not hot
Second, I bought them to make money off them.

If any one would like to buy them, I will send you some pictures and we can talk money.

three rights, and one left, all the same type, they look new,

Let me know

email me at

olanmills | 10. april 2013

It's okay guys. He says they're not hot.

Captain_Zap | 10. april 2013

+1 holidayday

DonS | 10. april 2013

Even if you got them from the owner of the parts company that makes the headlights, I don't know what you would do with them. I am sure they are not cheap to replace, but no one but a body shop is likely to be able to use them, and even that is not very likely.

jerbone2489 | 12. april 2013

Thanks DonS, and olanmills wasn't very helpful, making judgements on people he doesn't know, I guess that is the type of people who buy Tesla vehicles.

jerbone2489 | 12. april 2013, not very helpful, again I hope you own one of these cars, because it would be very sad, if you were on this site and didn't own a Tesla.

Cattledog | 13. april 2013

jerbone - Did you get them off ebay?

Electrical Engineers - Could they be wired up on either line or low voltage and used as a custom light fixture?

jerbone - Any damage? Scratch, cracked lens, etc.? Did they come from cars in accidents?


holidayday | 14. april 2013

a) it would be helpful if you said if they were for Roadster or Model S
b) it would also help if you posted pictures
c) it would be most helpful if you revealed where you got them
d) Call Tesla to see how much it is for a new headlight, then charge about half that.

because: if someone needed a headlight, they would most likely go to Tesla for a replacement, not an unknown source online. Significant savings would be needed for someone to go outside of a trusted source of parts.

"because it would be very sad, if you were on this site and didn't own a Tesla."
I'm working on it. :)