Tesla Mercedes

Tesla Mercedes

Interesting read...

Benz | 02. februar 2013

"A near-zero maintenance experience over the car's lifetime"?

That sounds really great!!!

olanmills | 03. februar 2013

Wow it's ugly, and I hate Mercedes for giving me such crappy and ugly gear shifters and wiper controls. Orange lighting? Seriously?

Benz | 04. februar 2013

It would have been better if they would have chosen to introduce the new Mercedes A Class also as an EV. | 04. februar 2013

Benz: + 1

Whity Whiteman | 04. februar 2013

CLA EV ...

Benz | 04. februar 2013

Yes, the beautifull Mercedes Benz CLA which was shown in Detroit, that model would also be wonderfull as an EV. We will get to see more of this car at the Geneva Auto Show on March 7th - 17th. I am already looking forward to it.

Brian H | 05. februar 2013

doncha get it? No conversion of ICE to EV design has worked well. Ever.

Benz | 05. februar 2013

What about the Tesla Roadster?
That car was a Lotus, and that sure was not an EV?

Tesla Motors has also helped Daimler with the Smart ForTwo EV, and the Mercedes A Class.

What about the Toyota RAF4 EV (which also has a Tesla power-train and battery pack)?

Brian H | 05. februar 2013

Elon said converting the Lotus was a mistake. They made it work, but it was like having one basement wall left after a house reno. A clean sheet would have worked better and cost less.

Actually, it's the new Mercedes B-Class which TM is helping with, and it was designed to swing either way from the beginning. And TM re-did the RAV4EV frame from the bottom up to accommodate the skateboard.

And none of those gets much more than 100 mi range. "Don't undertake vast projects with half-vast plans."

Benz | 05. februar 2013

You have made your point clear now. A clean sheet is always better to start with.