Tesla Model S Service

Tesla Model S Service

Should one buy the service option or not.

nanwar | 13. juni 2013

I recently bought the Model S P85+. I live in San Jose and very close to the Tesla factory. I have 3 days left as indicated on my dashboard to buy the service plan. Should I buy it? Or do the once a year service at 12500 miles? Is there saving...if I buy what package should I get?

gasnomo | 13. juni 2013

You just spent $120k on a car and you are questioning about a $4k service plan?

Tâm | 13. juni 2013

Elon abhors dealership because they profit from the service.

Tesla Service Center's purpose is to keep your car alive, not to make profit.

So pay up to make your car happy!

nanwar | 13. juni 2013

I am not questioning the service package...just wondering which one...

Tesla Service for four years
Up to 50,000 miles
Optional Ranger Service: $100 per visit

Tesla Service for four years
Up to 50,000 miles
Includes unlimited Ranger Service

Tesla Service for eight years
Up to 100,000 miles
Optional Ranger Service: $100 per visit

Tesla Service for eight years
Up to 100,000 miles
Includes unlimited Ranger Service

Which one should one get?

herkimer | 13. juni 2013

Since you live near Fremont, you probably won't need the Ranger service, so, if I were you, I would get the 4-YEAR PLAN + 4-YEAR EXTENSION. Peace of mind for 8 years, or 100,000 miles. If you need ranger service, its $100 per visit. Otherwise, at least you save on your yearly inspection by paying the 8 years up front. That is my 02 cents. I got the 4-YEAR ANYWHERE + 4-YEAR EXTENSION because I live far from a Service Center. Seems like the 4 + 4 is the best offering.

ramtaz | 13. juni 2013

What are you servicing?

carlf9121 | 13. juni 2013

I took delivery of my P85 3 months ago & bought the 4-YEAR PLAN + 4-YEAR EXTENSION for peace of mind. Pricing for service never goes down so best to lock in the rate for as long as possible.
Paying well over $100K, best to have the service behind it to maintain the investment.

nanwar | 13. juni 2013

Does the service include brakes? If it does then it's totally worth it

negarholger | 13. juni 2013

So far I know everything except tires.

I went with the whole package including not needed ranger service, because the best service I can get is if Tesla is doing well finacially.

JohhnyS | 13. juni 2013

I signed and for full ranger service and about a week later my windshield cracked. Tesla send out a ranger with a P85 loaner and I got to joy ride for a couple of days while they fixed the windshield. They brought my baby back nice and clean. It saved me several hours of time. When we are in the 7th year of the plan it will look like a bargain!

jjayanthan | 16. juni 2013

How do you sign up for service contract, the website says "not available".

Tâm | 16. juni 2013


The minimum I would get is $3,800 4-YEAR PLAN + 4-YEAR EXTENSION. It is just like pre-paid for oil change service for the ICE.

Make sure you don't forget $2,500 EXTENDED SERVICE AGREEMENT.
It is warranty for defects.

DouglasR | 16. juni 2013

@jjayanthan - You should see a sign up button in "My Garage." Unfortunately, not all services are available in all locations. The Extended Service Agreement, for example, is not yet available in the State of Washington. If the button does not appear, give them a call.

J.T. | 16. juni 2013

@nanwar the breaks get much less wear on the Tesla than ICE cars. Much of the "breaking" of the car is done with the regeneration.

Ojee99 | 16. juni 2013

Didn't we all just buy an EV for the non to low service/maintenances costs?

And... I assume this 4 year/50.000 mile contract for 1900 USD for example, would be the same like an EUR 1.900 contract for 30.000 kilometer service contract.

My ICE Audi diesel needs service every 30.000 km for € 545,- so that makes it a looot cheaper to drive and get maintained than an EV?

Tâm | 16. juni 2013


I believe maintenance is a fact of life.

For example, non-moving parts like Windows has many ongoing updates.

Although Model S is mechanically simple with 1 gear propulsion motor but we still need to pay for maintenance of a very complex technology:

There are about 52 Central Processing Units , 50 motors (for wipers, windows, seats...). There are nuts & bolts that could be loosen, There are improvements or "corrections" to be done annually.

David70 | 16. juni 2013

Huh? The button shows up in My Garage for me. I'm in Washington.

The 4+4+R is $4800. Of course, sales tax is added to that.
I haven't ordered it yet, as I'm waiting until my Model S is about to be delivered.

DouglasR | 16. juni 2013


You get the various four year plans, but you don't get the extended warranty, which is known as the Extended Service Agreement, $2,500.

gasnomo | 17. juni 2013, first its 'braking', unless you are physically destroying the car, second the warranty is limited, please take the time to read your warranty documents.

J.T. | 17. juni 2013


I am quite embarrassed about that.

I guess I need a "brake" from all of this service warranty discussion.

gasnomo | 17. juni 2013

no worries on the mistake, but again, SERVICE does NOT equal Warranty.

gasnomo | 17. juni 2013

uh, and you would need a 'break' from the discussion, not a 'brake'.

J.T. | 17. juni 2013

That's why I put it in quotes so everyone could see how hilarious I am.