Tesla Motors Secret Master Plan (Just between you and me)

Tesla Motors Secret Master Plan (Just between you and me)

I mentioned the Tesla Motors Secret Master Plan to a Model S owner recently and they had never heard of it. I realized that many of you have come upon Tesla long after this blog post from August 2006. It's lays out the plan we're on and as such I think it is still relevant. We're about half way there. Enjoy.

PS You'll notice that actual prices turned out higher than originally hoped for.

negarholger | 14. januar 2013

But even the pricing is pretty close - base 85kWh is today $80k... Taking inflation into account ( assume 8%) then the 2006 price would be around $50k.. roughly half of the $90k Roadster in 2006.

drp | 14. januar 2013

Thanks for the article! Fun to re-read after all these years.

Brian H | 15. januar 2013

8% inflation? Total, maybe, but not per annum.

Timo | 15. januar 2013

Mean inflation between Jan 2006 and Jan 2013 seems to have been about 2.5%. That makes $80k counting backwards about $67340. Cheaper than $90k Roadster, but not quite half.

jat | 15. januar 2013

Nothing in that statement says the 85kWh version would be half. Considering inflation, the 40kWh version is certainly less than half of the Roadster.

Timo | 15. januar 2013

Was referring to Kleist message.

Ad van der Meer | 15. januar 2013

I am pretty sure the $50k price mark was always ment as a starting price. It was always told in combination with a 300 range, so I guess in that respect Tesla is no different from other OEM's.

David Dennis | 15. januar 2013

The $50k price was always net of tax breaks, so it was really $57,500.

The long range, low-performance edition is $70k, so if Timo tracked inflation correctly, the original estimate's pretty solid.


negarholger | 15. januar 2013

Brian - I said assume...

2006 average US gas price was $2.50, YE 2012 = 3.80 ==> 7-8% per year
my 2005 car cost me 24K, same car but cheaper build in 2012 34k ==> 6-7% per year

Official inflation is heavily tilted to keep inflation indexed government obligations down. Yes, consumer electronics got a lot cheaper, but that is not true for cars...

Point was - Elon wasn't too much off on his price plan either.

GoTeslaChicago - thanks for putting the master plan up again.
I've heard it verbally before, but I didn't know that is was in writing in 2006. Also what I didn't know that the original plan specifically included SolarCity.

Overall Tesla executed the plan exactly and I think in addition we got some nice extras not mentioned in the master plan.
- performance model S
- model X
- super chargers

Brian H | 15. januar 2013

"Long range, low performance" is a Tesla oxymoron!