Tesla S performance outdrags BMW M5

Tesla S performance outdrags BMW M5

Michael23 | 09. oktober 2012

Crazy thanks!

Kal-el | 09. oktober 2012


archibaldcrane | 09. oktober 2012

Ha, that Ezra Dyer guy was on "The Car Show" on Speed last year, which I was one of the editors for. He's a pretty funny guy.

I love how the drag race shows the Model S exploding off the line for the early lead...and then still holding the advantage the rest of the way. I'd think if anything, given the horsepower and optimal torque advantages of the BMW, the Model S would start faster but get caught down the line. Not so - incredibly impressive.

Oaktowner | 09. oktober 2012

I love the revving of the M5's engine prior to the start -- kind of like a loud-mouth braggart who can't actually perform as well as he can talk!

I do find it strange, though -- a distance race to 100 mph. You could theoretically have a faster 0-to-100 time but not have travelled as far in getting there (and, in fact, that may be what happened here since it appears the M5 was going faster when the Model S crossed the finish line).

Wonder what the price difference is between the two?

Oaktowner | 09. oktober 2012

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Off topic: Has anyone ever written a post on "Tips on Using What Must Be the World's Worst Forum Software?" The tags are finicky at best, but some around here seem to have mastered them.

prash.saka | 09. oktober 2012

+1. I agree with the revving of the M5.

It is such a surprise that it outdrags an M5, let alone a 5 series.

Bravo Tesla.

~ Prash.

BrianMRolfe | 09. oktober 2012

Oaktowner per the article "
When it comes to price and weight, there’s little difference between the two. The BMW M5 seen here wears an as-tested sticker of $106,695 (after destination) and weighs 4387 lbs, while the Tesla Model S Performance costs $102,270 and tips the scales at 4640 lbs."

Whity Whiteman | 09. oktober 2012

ok, my opinion:
The Model S Performance has the nose ahead until 100Mph (160KM/h).
After that, the bigger ICE always wins. But under real life conditions it will
be enough for me- and quiet!

Whity Whiteman | 09. oktober 2012

most of the videos in the internet shows PerformanceperformancePreformance...
who wants to have this car as non-performance? =)

skystream3.7 | 09. oktober 2012

I don't but that is what i am getting non-performance 85

petero | 09. oktober 2012

Whity. NEEDS and WANTS. I opted for the 60kWh battery, it will have all the performance I need. Want is a different story…I do not want more speeding tickets.

nickjhowe | 09. oktober 2012

Wow. Thought it would be very close on 0-60; never thought the Model S would win 0-100. Uber, uber impressive. The M5 is THE performance sedan and has held the crown forever.

NJS1207 | 09. oktober 2012

The video is posted to a few sites now, including Motor Trend. I love it. Some of the user comments below the video are priceless. The M5 fans out there (at least the ones moved to comment) are blaming the result on the driver -- claiming he did not know how to get the launch sequence right. Could be true for all I know, but it is still very funny to see the world view being challenged.

Tiebreaker | 09. oktober 2012

Launch sequence! Hahaha! Yeah, at a traffic light, or tool booth, or when an 18-wheeler cuts you off...

Disclaimer: I have always been a BMW man. But.. :-D

Tiebreaker | 09. oktober 2012

And - not all BMW 5s are Ms, so not all Ss are perfs. But S top dog beats 5 top dog here and that is telling.

pilotSteve | 09. oktober 2012

I have access to a 1+ mile straight stretch of access road (inside a small airport's fenced area), and I've tried several times with my BMW-550i (6-speed auto in Sport mode) to give myself the 'feel' of my MSP test drive.

Yup I get to 80 MPH before slowing down, yes it is a blast, NO it does not give me the 'entering warp speed' that the MSP gave.

Can't wait to repeat the 'test' when my MS arrives! Unfortunately the access road is too narrow for a 'side by side' comparison :)

Brian H | 09. oktober 2012

The tags autoclose with each para break -- so either must be renewed, or the blank line "occupied" with a period (or SLT), my preference. E.g.:

The 2013 Tesla Model S Performance uses a rear-mounted electric motor rated for 416 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. That’s less grunt than the BMW, but the key is that the motor produces all of its torque instantly, whereas the M5′s torque band peaks at 1500 rpm. The Tesla’s electric motor is backed up by an 85-kWh lithium-ion battery that the company claims will allow for a driving range of about 300 miles per charge.
When it comes to price and weight, there’s little difference between the two. The BMW M5 seen here wears an as-tested sticker of $106,695 (after destination) and weighs 4387 lbs, while the Tesla Model S Performance costs $102,270 and tips the scales at 4640 lbs.

Warning: sup, sup, code, cite, and blockquote are non-functional, despite being "allowed".

Sudre_ | 09. oktober 2012

I always have to laugh at all the LAUNCH control stuff anyway. To me comments about not being able to beat the S because of user error is even more telling about how much better the S is.

JoeFee | 09. oktober 2012

How sweet it is

Brian H | 09. oktober 2012

Yeah, the MSP learning curve is reeel short: "Goose it!" ("Floor it!" if you prefer.)

ThomasN | 09. oktober 2012


Brian H | 09. oktober 2012

That's warped!

But the tech is just at Warp 1, so far.

TikiMan | 09. oktober 2012

Love it! THE TOP of the line M series getting it's ass handed to it, by an EV!

This is the kind of press that will sell Model S's all day long!

Michael23 | 09. oktober 2012

What I don't understand then is how the m5 has such better listed numbers? Why doesn't tesla announce better numbers up then?

CIAOPEC | 09. oktober 2012


My old love gets her ass kicked by my new love Model S, move over bacon...

Oaktowner | 09. oktober 2012

Brian H -

Thanks. Any tips to closing the tags mid-paragraph?

That's what I didn't seem to get right above (I'm trying standard HTML: </i> ).

Oaktowner | 09. oktober 2012

Hmm. I seem to have gotten it right that time.

Sorry for the offtopic diversion, everyone!

jbunn | 09. oktober 2012


I used to work line service at Mt Hawley outside Peoria, IL 30 years ago. Light aircraft, vfr, mostly daytime. Used to close alone, and I'd take my mustang out on the field some nights. Sit on the taxiway, check the gauges, then pull out, line up and hit it.

Had to remember to not steer with my feet, but never tired of pulling back on the steering wheel just to see.... ; )

never worked, but it was fun anyway.

Brian H | 10. oktober 2012

Yes, standard closes work anywhere.

You just needed a little help from an Evel Knievel launch ramp...

Teoatawki | 10. oktober 2012


Teoatawki | 10. oktober 2012

I had convinced myself at one point that at least sup worked.

Timo | 10. oktober 2012

OK, here's the bottom line: Tesla Model S is family sedan.

It is not build to be pure performance beast. Single motor, low power density batteries, huge weight, large size... The fact that it has such good performance is just side-effect of it being BEV with big enough battery to deliver enough power to have it. Unlike ICE cars, huge power motor is not much more expensive than low power motor, so it doesn't cost much to have such power if other parts allow it.

GenIII Roadster will beat Model S Performance in every way when it comes to street performance, and yet Model S is competing with the very best of the same price ICE cars.

Just wait couple of years, and there would be no ICE car of similar price tag to beat it's BEV counterpart.

pilotSteve | 10. oktober 2012

@jbunn: +1 yes impromptu racing at small airport is a blast. Too bad things have gotten so formal even at most small GA airports. But pilots, mechanics and motorheads all tend to gather there and keep their cool!

Tiebreaker | 10. oktober 2012

@Timo: +1

dahtye | 10. oktober 2012

@Timo: +1 for me too!

nickjhowe | 10. oktober 2012

+1 Timo. The unfortunate thing is that Gen III has the possibility to destroy the resale value of the Model S. It SHOULD be so much cheaper/faster/more performant.

petero | 10. oktober 2012

Nickjhowe. Off topic with apologies. Which would you rather have- a 3-4 year old, loaded ‘S’ or a new, fully loaded, GIII? Probably be about the same price.

nickjhowe | 10. oktober 2012

@petero - good question. Depends what Gen III actually turns out to be. This is the problem when car tech starts accelerating at the speed of computer tech. Look what happened to the price of the iPhone 4 (dropped to zero on contract) when the iPhone 5 came out. I KNOW this is a massive apples to oranges comparison, but with improvements potentially moving a lightning speed, we MIGHT see depreciation curves that make you wince.

But I'm still buying my P85!

Tiebreaker | 10. oktober 2012

Model S will stay as a viable choice, a large luxury sedan that happens to have insane performance.

I agree what Timo said, that GenIII Roadster will beat Model S performance, but a roadster has a different purpose and target market. Even GenIII sedan would not displace the Model S.

Andrew18 | 10. oktober 2012

I had a laugh reading the BMW M5 F10 forum- every rationalization they could come up with! "they did not use launch control" , " bad driver" , etc..

nickjhowe | 10. oktober 2012

Gen III is not the Roadster. It is the BMW 3 series equivalent.

Steve Sanders | 10. oktober 2012

Sudre is right. It's not just the torque from 0, it's the ability to have instantaneous traction control. My Roadster has never been beaten stop light to stop light. Kids on Ninja's, Porsche 911 GT, Ferrari, and a 600hp hot rod. The tire speed is measured on all 4 wheels in milliseconds and the power adjusted instantaneously to the traction available. ICE motors have difficult traction control. They apply brakes, retard timing and wait for the torque and hp to calm down. A run down the track 10 times in an ICE and you get 10 different times. Your Grandmother could get 12.2's in the quarter, every time. Mash the pedal from a stop into a right turn, you go very fast, but no peep from the tires or spin out. Probably due to Elon's insistence since his McLaren F1 "incident"! Take off traction control and you will shred the tires, spin out and lose the race. Soooo.... you can have fun every day at every stop light; 0-35 in about 2 seconds....and never get a ticket. And, no one is mad because the motor isn't roaring and the tires aren't screeching. Most of the time, you look back in your mirror and the people are still at the last light wonder what the hell just happened here or maybe taking a video! The fun you anticipate when you get your S is underestimating this car. Someday soon you will be doing an ordinary everyday drive. Everything will be going just right. The Elegance of the moment in your S will slam you, and you will wimper like a little girl at a romance flick. Can't let them see that tear. It's THAT overwhelmingly good. I'm so happy I was able to gat a Tesla or 2 in my lifetime.
Every friend and every total stranger you take for a spin in your car, you WILL give it a G Force shot. Every one of them will turn to you, look you straight in the eye, usually with their head tilted toward you and give you the biggest, happiest, most genuine grin you have ever seen. It's a "moment". You and the passenger will remember that intimate, quiet "moment". The Tesla grin. BMW M5? That is nothing. All other cars are nothing. You will look at all other cars as antiques.
SpaceX too? Oh my God.

Brian H | 10. oktober 2012

Heh. You sound like a first-in-line candidate for the SpaceX-Bigelow orbital hotel vacation in a few years!

Tiebreaker | 10. oktober 2012

@nickjhowe: Correct.

George with SacEV | 10. oktober 2012

And consider how many iterations of M5 sit behind that test car while the Model S is just the "first effort" by Tesla?

Timo | 11. oktober 2012

GenIII is platform for different models, not just one model. There will be that affordable hatchback/sedan compact car, but AFAIK Tesla also use that as base for their next Roadster that will be pure Tesla design.

Pure speculation of course, but I think Model S as a platform is just plain too big for roadster-equal small sport car.

Volker.Berlin | 11. oktober 2012

I had a laugh reading the BMW M5 F10 forum- every rationalization they could come up with! "they did not use launch control" , " bad driver" , etc.. (Andrew18)

I had a look "on the other side", too, and I have to say two things: First, most (not all) comments by BMW fans are surprisingly fair and balanced. Many expressed a lot of respect for what Tesla is doing and concede that the Model S is a very interesting car. Second, it is very obvious in the video that indeed the BMW does start rolling only shortly after the Model S is already on its way, that it lost some traction already in first gear and then totally smoked it when shifting into second. There can be no doubt that an optimal start of the BMW would have yielded a different result (I don't speculate how different).

You may argue that the ease with which the Model S can be launched by any untrained driver is a virtue in itself, and I would agree. In this video however, the fact that the BMW obviously fails to leverage its potential, leaves a bad taste and undermines the message: That the Model S is comparable to "the" sport sedan par excellence, the BMW M5.

sergiyz | 11. oktober 2012

Frankly, I'm much more interested in handling than drag races.
I wish they'd put them on a track together.
It would be difficult to beat the M5 with all the extra weight Tesla S is carrying.
But I like surprises ;)

Timo | 11. oktober 2012

Weight difference isn't that big between BMW M5 and Tesla Model S, both are well over 4000lbs cars (difference is less than 300lbs). Considering Model S much lower CoG it could do quite well in comparison, but BMW suspension has always been one of the best into market (for street cars), so close race again.

jeanyvest | 11. oktober 2012


The comparaison to an electronic device is not so far off. The only difference is it has wheels...

Just like a 42" flat screen was $$$ 10 yrs ago, today it's 1/10 of the price for a bigger-better one. Same thing will happen with Tesla products.