Tesla S selected as car for High School Raffle

Tesla S selected as car for High School Raffle

The Parent Association at Garfield High School in Seattle chose the Tesla S sedan for the car to raffle to raise money for programs to improve academic achievement. Educating students is an expression of hope and optimism about the future and the Tesla represents that future. For information about raffle tickets for the March 1 drawing contact

Captain_Zap | 26. januar 2013

I sent an e-mail to inquire about ticket availability but I hadn't heard anything back. I guess I'll try again.

Brian H | 26. januar 2013

Yes, I think that was about the breakeven point, required minimum sales so the draw could go ahead. Everything from here on is what Garfield will net.

phil-sherburne | 26. januar 2013

I finally got the specs changed on our blog to be the standard ones. We have sold 830 tickets so far--5 weeks to go. Thank you to those who have purchased tickets I encourage the rest of you to do so. Tesla has put up posters on our raffle in their Seattle and Bellevue showrooms. The drawing is on March 1. Phil

Brian H | 26. januar 2013

I wonder how many out-of-state purchasers the forum will generate for you!

shop | 26. januar 2013

Just be aware that Washington state does have some legal requirements for raffles above $5,000. Just don't want Garfield to run afoul of the rules, if word gets out...

ir | 26. januar 2013

@shop... what kind of limits?

shop | 26. januar 2013

Every state regulates raffles as left unchecked they could easily circumvent anti gambling laws. Here in California, the kind of raffle that this school,is doing would be illegal due to the 90/10 rule (Washington state does not have that rule). The 90/10 rule says that the value of the item being raffled can only cost 10% of the amount raised. Anyways, just be careful with the regs. For instance don't in fact allow web based payments for raffle tickets as Washington state doesn't allow that.

shop | 26. januar 2013

Ugh I wasn't careful enough about describing California's 90/10 rule. The item can only COST the organization 10% of money raised. So you can raffle off large ticket items as long as they were donated.

ir | 26. januar 2013


Uh, oh...

You must get a license to exceed these limits:
Offer more than two public raffles in a calendar year. Gross revenue from the two unlicensed public raffles will exceed $5,000 in a calendar year. Gross revenue from unlicensed members-only raffles will exceed $5,000 in a calendar year.

Tickets cannot be sold over the Internet or telephone.
Tickets and/or payment for tickets cannot be mailed.

Is there a limit on the value of the prize I can offer?
Yes. Any single prize may not exceed $40,000 in value and no group of prizes during a 12-month period may exceed $80,000. A written request to exceed the prize limit may be granted to an organization if there is good cause shown to the Commission.

If we offer a vehicle as a prize, can we require the winner to pay sales tax and licensing?
No. These extra costs are considered a part of the prize and must be paid for in full by the organization offering the prize.

Can we cancel the raffle if we don't make enough money on the raffle to pay for the prize?
No. You must plan ahead and be realistic with your sales expectations to ensure your organization does not have a loss.

For those of us that have mailed a check from out-of-state, are we even eligable to enter the raffle? If not, I think you may need to look into this really fast!

I think you may have to review the following clause in the raffle info:
"NOTE: Winner will be responsible for any registration, taxes, title, and winner requested vehicle modification costs upon delivery."

Can you post the raffle licence information?

shop | 27. januar 2013

Geez, ir, I didn't mean to open a can of worms. I would suggest to chill out. It only becomes a problem if the wrong person finds out and makes a stink about it. That was the reason I mentioned it, just to caution the raffle holders to not get too crazy. Just remember, all this is in aid of a high school charity.

Steve P5664 | 27. januar 2013

I and 2 friends bought tickets from long Island. Good cause! Decent odds (comparably)

Brian H | 27. januar 2013

I wonder if that sale is allowed.

JThompson | 28. januar 2013

Hard to believe they have not sold all the tickets already! All the lottery players in the U.S. should jump on this! I have a Model S P85, but would be willing to cough up $100 for a worthy cause! Where's the website info? How do we know this is not a scam (no offense to Phil)?

Brian H | 28. januar 2013

WA law may restrict out of state raffle sales by net and mail. Not sure.

JoeFee | 28. januar 2013

" | JANUARY 28, 2013
How do we know this is not a scam (no offense to Phil)?

1) I checked local news reports and their leaf raffle was reported on several independent web sites.

2) Local residents are familiar with the school.

After this little bit of research I felt comfortable spending $100 on the ticket but have not received it yet… maybe today in the mail? As you know from the above posts, others have sent in and received their tickets already.

DouglasR | 28. januar 2013

I can assure you, this raffle is legitimate. The PTSA had a successful Leaf raffle last year, and I have met the people involved. They are all dedicated to the school and its students, and doing the best they can to raise money for vital school programs. Many of these programs were cut in the recent budget crunch.

If you are outside of the state of Washington, however, you might wait to participate until we have a better understanding of the legal requirements. I believe the PTSA does have a license for this raffle, and I know of nothing in the state statutes or regulations that precludes what they are doing. But I recommend you wait to hear from Phil before sending any checks.

GLO | 28. januar 2013

I emailed Phil (am in California) and he indicated there is no problem with being out of state.

phil-sherburne | 29. januar 2013

After all the interest and support through the forum I am chagrined to have to tell you that following a full review of the regulations and rulings on raffles we have concluded that we cannot sell tickets to out of State residents. If you are from Washington please continue to contact me and we can sell tickets. I will be contacting directly those persons from out of state who have already bought tickets. Sorry for the confusion. Phil

Brian H | 29. januar 2013

Dang. Thought so.

DouglasR | 29. januar 2013

Brian, you can always buy a ticket in person. Vancouver is not so far from Seattle!

cprenzl | 29. januar 2013

ERGG.. :( Why did you guys have to bring that up! I was going to buy a couple, So mad now!!

dtesla | 29. januar 2013

As a software guy I'm probably way off base. But can I give a friend in Washington state power of attorney to purchase a ticket for me?

shop | 29. januar 2013

We're from the government and we're here to help. I guess the point of this Washington regulation is to limit the ability of criminals to commit fraud. Of course, it has the effect of also limiting the amount of money good charities can raise. But that's OK, because the politicians have Done Something.

Crusoe | 29. januar 2013

I got a ticket and am local so I'm planning to show up. Would love to post on reddit, "Cancelled reservation for the low end Model S, won the high end one in a raffle".

DouglasR | 29. januar 2013


It's not a state regulation, it's federal: 18 USC 1301. I don't know of anything that would stop you from buying the ticket in person. If your friend bought it in person, and the ticket won, you could come to Washington and he could give you the ticket. You just can't take the ticket (or the money) across state lines.

At least that's how I understand it. But don't rely on me. Get your own lawyer.

JoeFee | 30. januar 2013

phil are you going to mail back the out of state checks?

cprenzl | 30. januar 2013

as Phil emailed me, he said the ticket could be gifted from a friend in Washington, I would like to think that would be okay. I don't know but I would stop raising concerns and just buy a ticket and cross your fingers!

DouglasR | 30. januar 2013

The relevant statutes are 18 USC §1301 and §1302. Section 1302, in essence, prohibits using the mails to buy or sell lottery tickets (raffles are considered lotteries). This prohibition applies even if the buyer and seller are in the same state. The section does not, however, prohibit using a private courier service such as UPS or FedEx.

The section also purports to prohibit using the mails to advertise or convey other information about the lottery. However, pursuant to 18 USC §1307(a)(2)(A), this prohibition does not apply to an authorized lottery conducted by a not-for-profit organization. Moreover, the Attorney General has announced that this prohibition is unenforceable as a result of a Supreme Court decision relating to commercial free speech. In other words, truthful, factual communications concerning otherwise lawful lotteries are protected by the First Amendment.

Section 1301, in essence, prohibits anyone from importing, transporting, or carrying lottery tickets in interstate or foreign commerce, whether personally, by mail or by private courier. It also prohibits interstate advertising or information about the lottery, but that prohibition does not apply for the reasons stated above. Finally, it prohibits certain activities by someone engaged in the business of procuring, for a person in one state, a ticket for a lottery conducted by another state.

These statutes do not prohibit the purchase or sale of raffle tickets on a face-to-face basis, even if the purchaser resides outside of Washington State. They do not prohibit the purchase or sale of raffle tickets using private courier services, so long as the transaction takes place within Washington. They do not prohibit a person in Washington from buying a ticket on behalf of an out-of-state friend, so long as the ticket is not transported out of state (and the procurer probably should not be in the business of buying tickets for others, although technically that provision applies only with respect to state-run lotteries).

If a friend is going to buy a ticket on your behalf, I would recommend that your name and address, not his or hers, be used for the drawing. I believe that the prize will go to the person whose name is on the winning ticket, and not simply to the person who is holding the ticket. Of course, in order to avoid confusion and disputes, it should be a friend you trust. But there is no reason you need to take possession of the ticket until you come to the State of Washington to claim your prize.

Please understand that I do not speak for Phil Sherburne or the Garfield High School PTSA. I am not affiliated with the PTSA, and these are my opinions alone. I also am not providing legal advice, and my views should not be relied on as such. You should see your own lawyer if you want advice. I simply want to point out and explain what I believe to be the relevant federal laws.

phil-sherburne | 30. januar 2013

The potential legal aspects of this issue are getting more attention than they probably deserve. This is a small scale raffle to suppport programs at a inner city public high school. None of the people involved in the raffle are benefitting from it in any way. We are parents who are donating our time. The statutes aren't trying to get at these types of activites and no prosecutor, in my opinion, would waste his or her time with such a raffle. If we took the strictest interpretation of all the rules out there you couldn't practically do a raffle of this kind. We are trying to be faithful to the intent of the regulations but are not going to be obsessive about every detail. We are not going to worry about the people who have already purchased tickets--that is water under the bridge. If any of those people want their payment for tickets back we are more than happy to refund them. If they want to leave the tickets in the raffle they will be honored the same as any other ticket.

Going forward if someone from out of state wants to purchase a ticket they would need to be in the state to do the transaction or have someone in state purchase the ticket for them. The person who is intended to get the prize if the ticket is drawn should have their name on the ticket. There may be problems transferring a winning ticket after the raffle.

This is a great raffle with an amazing prize and the funds are supporting very important programs at our school. Phil

JoeFee | 30. januar 2013


Keep me in the raffle. Thanks.

Epley | 08. februar 2013

How are ticket sales coming--I heard you were canvassing Starbuck's headquarters today. Do you still have tickets left?

DouglasR | 08. februar 2013


I can answer some of that. Phil doesn't visit this site that frequently. I spend a couple of hours today down at Starbuck's offices selling tickets and showing my car. Lots of interest.

I think tickets are selling well. Phil told me that they have passed the 1,000 mark, so the raffle is definitely a go. But yes, they do have tickets left. There will be another event Monday evening, but I forget where. I'll ask Phil and post back here. Or, you could just email him at

For those who don't want to read the whole thread, this is a brand new Model S, Metallic Blue, 85 kWh battery, sun roof, Tech package, Active Air suspension, leather seats. Tickets are $100 apiece, with a maximum of 1650 tickets being sold. The money goes to the Garfield High School PTSA for support of the school's achievement program and other school programs. Garfield is a great public high school, but it has been hurt by budget cuts, and this is an innovative way to raise some money for needed programs. Raffle tickets cannot be sent out of Washington state, but in-person purchases can be made by or on behalf of an out-of-state resident.

I was told by a Tesla rep yesterday that the car is actually built and sitting in a warehouse in Seattle.

DouglasR | 09. februar 2013

We will be setting up a booth to sell raffle tickets on Monday, Feb. 11, from about 4:00 p.m. to about 7:00 p.m. in front of the West Seattle PCC, 2749 California Ave. SW in Seattle. I will show my my Pearl White Performance to potential ticket purchasers.

There will also be another sales effort on Wednesday, Feb. 13, between 11:30-1:30 at Harrison & Terry in South Lake Union. This will be in front of Cal's Restaurant and near the Amazon offices. A friend will be showing his Red Signature Performance.

This will be a opportunity to pick up a raffle ticket for a chance to win a great car and to support a worthy cause. Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted.

Brian H | 10. februar 2013

Sell spins around the block for $101, with the ticket as a bonus!

DouglasR | 10. februar 2013

I actually did offer to give a ride to anyone who bought a ticket, but nobody took me up on it. :)

Brian H | 10. februar 2013

See, that was your mistake. Sell the ride, and give the ticket as a bonus‼ (;p

DouglasR | 13. februar 2013

We made the news today, oh boy!

Tickets are going fast. Get 'em while they're hot!

Brian H | 14. februar 2013

If you (or a friend or relative) live in Washington. No others need apply.

DouglasR | 14. februar 2013

Brian you lie! Heck, I'll buy a ticket for anybody who wants one. Just send me a check (use a carrier other than the U.S. mail), along with your name, address, email address, and telephone number. I'll hold the ticket, and if you win, you can come pick up the ticket and the car. You can contact me via the same username over at TMC.

Or you can email, who will do the same thing.

mwenn1 | 14. februar 2013

Phil I am staying in even though I am out of town!

Brian H | 14. februar 2013

That's you offering to be the "friend" to all MS fans. A workable workaround. If you're reliable and honest! >;)

DouglasR | 14. februar 2013

I am, heh heh (twists mustache).

DouglasR | 22. februar 2013

We're coming down to the end here. We have ticket sales events scheduled for a final push.

Saturday 8-12 at Tully's on 19th Ave. E.
Saturday 11:30-3:00 at U Village QFC
Sunday 11:30-3:00 at U Village QfC
Monday 3:30-6:30 at West Seattle PCC

We've had a few generous people volunteer to show their cars at these events. For the four events listed above, we have everything covered except the first half of the Saturday event at U Village QFC. If you would like to show your car tomorrow to potential ticket purchasers, please drop an email to It is sort of fun to tell people about this great car, and you will be helping a good cause.

Brian H | 22. februar 2013

How full is the thermometer?

DouglasR | 23. februar 2013

I got an email at 10:30 this morning (Saturday) saying that there are only 120 tickets left. I expect that they will sell out by mid week. Do you have yours? :)

DouglasR | 23. februar 2013

Also, several people volunteered to show their cars, and we now have the time slots covered.

DouglasR | 23. februar 2013

Oops. I just heard that 63 tickets were sold today. I don't know whether all of those are subtracted from the 120 remaining, or whether the 120 number was determined after some of those tickets were sold.

DouglasR | 23. februar 2013
lph | 23. februar 2013

It is odd though that you have to be there for the money prizes but not for the Tesla. Is someone eager to deliver it maybe a week or so after the raffle ;-P

DouglasR | 23. februar 2013


I think they are trying to add a little incentive to get you to buy a ticket to the auction as well. And once you are at the auction, you can bid on lots of other stuff. Personally, I'd rather have a root canal than go to a charity auction.