Tesla in the UK Please

Tesla in the UK Please


Just wondering when we in the UK will start seing some Model S on our roads. It is a bit dissapointing that our other european neighbours, Belguim, Norway and even Spain (in terrible financial crisis) have started to see the Model S on their public roads and can go for test drives.

Could it be because of the right-hand drive conversion that is proving to be the obstacle?

I, being a Londoner, can see the tesla model s being a hit here, as there is a lot of government incentives to buy electic cars.

You will think Elon will prioritise the UK first, due to his fondness for a certain british lady he has an affiliation with :) .

Please hurry up as we are patiently waiting, but do not know for how much longer.

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Alex K | 18. september 2013

From the comments on the forums, it appears that orders will start in September 2013 and deliveries in spring 2014.

WhisperingCJ | 18. september 2013

Prices should be announced the end of this month, then the sales should start (and the bank managers start getting the phone calls :-))

But from what I understand, the first deliveries will not be until early next year

Blueshift | 18. september 2013