Tesla's Future Cars

Tesla's Future Cars

I was catching the latest Top Gear episode today and it was showing off Jaguars XJL .. the super luxurious XJ version.

Made me think, I would honestly like to see Tesla 10-15 years from now have a new model out that is a step from the Model S that is in the next class run of luxury and competition. Something that is able to compete with t he 7series, S class, XJ or A8.

Assuming the Model S takes off like we all hope and Tesla becomes a new standard for EV's then I do not think this is too much of a stretch to see them trying to create a competitive car for the super luxury market... anyone disagree? or other thoughts?

And plus if they do get into that market, I will snatch up a 1st edition in a heartbeat, finances providing.

VolkerP | 15. mars 2011

With an electric drive train, I find it hard to establish a "superior class" to Model S.

For the ICE cars mentioned above, it is simple: Just pick an engine so complex & powerful no mere mortal can afford one. That is, use 8 to 12 cylinders and >500bhp. The "premium" car then is decorated with finest options and features.

With Model S, there is no point in doubling engine output. You just can't use it. So this is ruled out as a point of discern.

The battery size? Can be picked as an option.

Options and features? The list will be long for Model S.

Driving dynamics? Well, probably some space for "premium" stuff left here. But we talk about sedan cars here.

William13 | 15. mars 2011

I think there are always extras that a car company can add on that increase price and status. They mostly only minutely improve performance.

msiano17 | 15. mars 2011

I wasn't actually speaking about upgrading performance all that much. In fact, there already is a rumor of a Model S sport edition with 0-60 in less than 5 seconds or something. I was just thinking about the actual cabin features. The Model S will have tons of features for sure, but it is only trying to compete with a 5-series or E class, not the next level above it. Digging in deeper between the difference between the high end luxury and mid level luxury there is enough options to be noticed.

For the record I was just suggesting I would be excited to see how well Tesla can take off and advance over the next decade or so. The S class typically sets the bars or initiates new innovations which 15 years from now become standard features in the typical sedan (TPS for example). I see Tesla trying to challenge that throne if all goes well with the Model S.

William13 | 16. mars 2011

No one else will have their infotainment screen.

Volker.Berlin | 16. mars 2011

It is certainly feasible (and even likely) that 10-15 years from now Tesla will have another flagship car, but currently the Model S (Signature) is definitely designed to take that role. The next step from there, according to The Secret Tesla Master Plan, will be Blue Star, i.e. they are currently aiming at broadening their customer base by going to the market with a compact car. That is the route you have to take if you want to become a mass market car manufacturer. It's the Golfs, A4s, C-classes and 3-series that make the most money for their respective manufacturers.

The exclusive luxury top class may be important for brand image, but they usually do not earn significant money. Maybach is known to be economically totally not viable, the 7-series is merely marginal to BMW's profits and as far as I know the S-class just barely pays for itself.

I figure that "luxury cars" are a luxury not only for the customer, but for the manufacturer as well. Tesla will need some time until they can afford that kind of luxury, and even when they can it is not obvious to me if they will.

William13 | 16. mars 2011

I think the current plan is:

Model S, X, then another on same chassis
New Roadster with under frame battery
Bluestar $30,000 starting price (2016-2019 depending on battery prices) with 300 mile pack.

msiano17 | 16. mars 2011

Ya I agree. I just look forward to seeing how the company evolves. I would love to see a high level luxury model.

Volker.Berlin | 18. mars 2011

Some numbers to add to my "luxury" comment above: Audi, MB and BMW each sold about 5000 units of the A8, S-class and 7-series, respectively, in 2010 worldwide. This underlines how these models may be nice to have for a manufacturer as an image asset, but they do not earn them a lot of money.

TeslaWestCoast | 19. mars 2011

I love the look and potential of Tesla Motors and all that it stands for. Innovation, trail blazing, change....I just absolutely cannot afford anything that Tesla has to offer at this point.

Even if I could somehow afford a Tesla Model S (Signature or regular) I would not be overly compelled to buy one other than the fuel cost savings (and reductions in carbon emissions). When I learned that the size of the Model S was "slightly larger" than a BMW 5 series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class, I went from high enthusiasm and anticipation for its release to somewhat disappointed. I have never been a fan of large vehicles, and it is the large size of the BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-Class, and Audi A6 that turn me off to those vehicles more than anything else.

TeslaWestCoast | 19. mars 2011

I would love to see a Tesla that is the size of a BMW 3-series, Lexus IS, or Audi A4 released onto the market (maybe a coupe version, but I am pressing my luck already). Not only would this be of greater stylistic and practical appeal to me, but the lower cost would also be of tremendously greater interest to the mass-market. That is the only way Tesla is going to break out and become one of the big boys in the auto business, and that is about as big of a car as I can see myself driving. A car that size can absolutely have style and still be suitable for everyday commuting and use. Like I said before, I might be in the wrong crowd here, but there are my two cents on the size and price of the Model S.

Tom A | 19. mars 2011

A 5-series Beamer is "large"? Interesting.

Anyway, I think that Tesla could blow away the industry yet again with an adaptive, real-time AWD vehicle - either a variation of the Model S, or an SUV - with same range as the Model S.

Regardless, I share sentiments related by others that I have faith in Tesla Motors, and I can't wait to see what Tesla does next!

As far as I know, the next car is still going to be the more affordable BlueStar, or the Model T, as I like to call it. However, now that they have a platform with the development of the Model S, I wonder if they would, concurrently, develop one or more models based on the Model S platform - a hatch, wagon, crossover, whatever.

Any rumors, confirmed or otherwise?

Volker.Berlin | 19. mars 2011

@TeslaSomeday, you are a lucky guy. You still have to be patient, but Tesla will have to offer something for you if/when the Model S is a success. Their next vehicle (besides some variants based on the Model S) is code-named Blue Star and is targeted at the 3-series / A4 / Lexus IS class. Google "The Secret Tesla Master Plan".

Straight Shooter | 19. mars 2011

I believe William13 has the order about right. I heard

1) Model S
2) SUV / Mini-Van ; Elron wants a vehicle that is both
3) Roadster 3.0
4) BlueStar ; The $30k car

That gives Telsa about 4-5yrs to come with an industry leading $30k EV. They already have the "industry leading" nailed down to the point where no one can touch them. We all know they will continue to innovate to stay ahead of the curve. The only question is, can they maintain the $30k price point.

Tom A | 19. mars 2011

Ah, yes, I forgot about the Roadster. They have to make a new one, from what I understand. Once their advance order from Lotus runs out, then that's it for the Roadster as we know it. I haven't heard anything about progress on that. Has anyone?

Without home equity to leverage, the 230 mile Model S is beyond me. Even so, as long as I'm stuck renting from management companies that refuse to provide any kind of charging structure, I can't buy anything with a plug.

Does anybody stateside know of rules or regulations that I could use in order to persuade my apartment complex to provide something, even if it's just a standard 120V, 15A outlet? I live within the DC beltway on the Virginia side, so it's a big metropolitan area with emission standards (the rest of Virginia doesn't have emission inspections). It's not a two-bit operation, either - for over $2300/month, you'd think they'd be a little more accommodating than just providing coffee in the lobby each morning.

Anyway, I look forward to a 200+ mile Model T under $40k before incentives.

TeslaWestCoast | 20. mars 2011

@Volker PU#E1. Thanks for the Google search...definitely something to look into. I can't wait to see what Tesla has planned for the future, and I am hoping that they can change the auto industry in America and beyond.

TeslaWestCoast | 20. mars 2011

I agree with TomA. The 230-mile Model S is way out of my price range, and I also look forward to seeing a 200+ mile Model T for $30k (base price, of course). Hopefully Li-ion technology will be improved and more widely adopted in the auto industry by then, dropping the price of production and increases in range.

Volker.Berlin | 20. mars 2011

I forgot about the Roadster. They have to make a new one, from what I understand. Once their advance order from Lotus runs out, then that's it for the Roadster as we know it. I haven't heard anything about progress on that. Has anyone?

IIRC it was explicitly stated that they do not spend any (significant) resources on Roadster 3.0 before the Model S is ready for delivery.

msiano17 | 20. mars 2011

Someone previously mentioned hoping for a car comparable to the 3-series

I would love to see that. In fact, I would not doubt that the Blue-Star is most likely going to fit that role. But I think with Tesla's ingenuity a coupe (aside from the Roadster) will be around the corner after the SUV

dashrb | 21. mars 2011

Tom A, a friend of mine, Pete, owns a Roadster, and he asked his apartment complex (in Reston, VA) to add an outlet for him. They provided an outlet, a sign to designate the spot as his personal spot, and metered the outlet against Pete's apartment (so Pete pays the electricity). They did this installation at no charge to Pete. YMMV. Good luck.

Tom A | 22. mars 2011

Thanks, dashrb.

Anis | 31. kan 2015

Looks like Tesla made good with the P85D.

Next up would be more compact battery technology

carlk | 31. kan 2015

Wow that's a really old thread. I wonder what was the state of art S performance at that time.

Pungoteague_Dave | 31. kan 2015

@carlk- seriously dude? There was no model S in 2011. Intro in Spring 2012.