TESLIVE 2013 Conference - July 12~14

TESLIVE 2013 Conference - July 12~14

TMC & TM are collaborating to host TESLIVE 2013 ( at the Crown Plaza in Milpitas, July 12~14 with Elon as the keynote speaker. From the agenda, many exciting events planned both at the hotel & the Fremont factory with the opportunity to meet Tesla management, other Tesla owners & exhibitors worldwide. Attendance is limited to the 1st 300 registrants.

olanmills | 09. kan 2013

I may go, I'm not sure yet.

MattMSD | 09. kan 2013

I'm going, should be fun.

Bob W | 09. kan 2013

FYI you register at the web site, not by email. Go to (which redirects to

Looks like a unique opportunity to talk with some in Tesla management.

I hope some Tesla software engineers will be there too as it would be great to talk to them.

carlf9121 | 09. kan 2013

I'm looking forward to the event and meeting others that are enjoying the Tesla Experience from around the world. Meeting the Tesla management in person will provide us owners the opportunity to discuss tactical issues we have encountered, how Tesla is planning on addressing these issues and be up front & personal as to what Telsa has in mind for their long term strategy. Much easier for Tesla management to more open for discussion in these settings than what could or should be published on paper.

CQN | 09. kan 2013

Does Tesla have a plan incase the big automakers start dumping lower cost EVs to flood the market?

SamO | 09. kan 2013


Laugh their A$$ off. Big Auto's idea of dumping is to make 75 mile range ford fiestas for $15,000. They'll sell a few, but nobody will LOVE them.

Brian H | 09. kan 2013

Elon would welcome "floods" of lower cost EVs on the market, if they were any good.

GeirT | 09. kan 2013

Pure genius if TM develops this into a WWDC like venue. Apple got their huge support base out of this simple move.

psirnes | 10. kan 2013

hoping there will be a live webcast transmission from Oslo for the first European deliveries!

sk1656 | 14. kan 2013

I wish i could be in California right now...