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pbrulott | 16. august 2012

Glaring. Thanks for the link joonyee. Had a bad day yesterday alike my Canadian fellows. Needed the boost

BYT | 16. august 2012

My favorite quote from the article.

"Having driven the Tesla Model S on the neighborhood roads back-to-back not only against most of the other electric cars in the market today, but also comparing it against other premium cars such as Rolls Royce Corniche, I came to this startling conclusion: The Tesla Model S is so superior that it seems that it's just a matter of time until all the other car companies will have to file bankruptcy.

In the area of automobile performance and refinement, the Tesla Model S is to other cars what a new iPhone 4S is to a Motorola StarTAC flip-phone from 1997. That's a strong statement, but what are the inevitable caveats?


Obviously a Tesla Model S for, say, $87,900 is not a fair comparison with a significantly less expensive car. However, in my opinion, for many people in the market for cars priced $50,000 and up, the Tesla means that all other carmakers should be running scared. Competitors had better hope that prospective buyers don't get 30 or 60 minutes behind the wheel of a Tesla, because if they do, I can think of only very few people who wouldn't be lost to Tesla."

purrpleh | 17. august 2012

Having test driven the Model S on July 27th, there is every reason to be impressed and make all those wonderful comparisons. However, these magazine editors and pundits are driving the top of the line performance model, which many cannot afford, and will not have the economic appeal to the masses. It will be interesting to hear from the owners of the lower level production cars when deliveries start later this year. There are 60kw test cars out there, and more people who have driven them have to come forth. To my knowledge there are no 40kw battery cars available for test drives. One would think there is a big difference in many areas.

pilotSteve | 18. august 2012

@purrpleh: maybe not such a big difference. After all there have not been any long term test drives so range is a 'paper' issue for now. I agree with you that the 60kwh when supercharging details are announced would make a very (I hope) compelling long distance test drive. Looking forward to a well written article showcasing how the base/mid configuration of the Model-S truly meets most drivers needs.