Thump and vibrate AC compressor

Thump and vibrate AC compressor

Since the most recent upgrade my Model S85 thumps and vibrates for seconds every 20 seconds while in park or drive and not moving. Tesla service picked up the car today, checked it out (no charge) and told me this is a normal function of the AC compressor and is caused by the recent software upgrade. This upgrade is supposed to improve climate control. I presume the flaw occurs only in Legacy model S vehicles. I am not happy. I like the quiet of the vehicle. Quiet was on my list of reasons to spend $100,000. Unfortunately, this is not reversible.

My love for the vehicle wanes with each of the many maintenance issues I have had which are numerous and I fear will soon cost thousands as the vehicle is now out of warranty.

CSFTN | 28. oktober 2015

Aha! I have been waiting for someone else to post this.

It's not just legacy cars. My 6 month old P85D does the same, when in park, only noticeable when radio off or if you're paying close attention, happens in groups of 3 then its OK for about a minute. Fees like they are "torque sleep"ing the AC compressor.

Please, make this a selectable/deselctable option, or as part of "range mode"!

Tropopause | 28. oktober 2015

I noticed this prior to v7.0

hpjtv | 29. oktober 2015

Doesn't bother me, I must be going deaf :)

prp | 29. oktober 2015

Same in my new 85D, and there but not as bad in the 85. Seems to disappear once the cabin is cooler (currently in hot climate). Noticed both immediatly last sunday after downloading 2.7.77

AmpedRealtor | 29. oktober 2015

I don't notice anything when the AC is on. No vibrations, no noise, nothing. But I also had the sound insulating blanket TSB applied over a year ago.

Sweetride | 29. oktober 2015

I noticed immediately after v7.0 and had the acoustic blanket installed a year ago too. Helps if I raise the target temperature but still there. Seems like latest firmware works the a/c compressor much harder at startup. | 29. oktober 2015

Has anyone else noticed the temperature seems off by 4-6 degrees? Pre-7.0 for me 72 degrees was comfortable. Now I regularly set it at 76-77 degrees for the same comfort. This also reduces the noise.

Can't say it seems much louder/softer than pre-7.0 with all the windows closed at the new temperature settings. No pano roof.

Outside temps mid-day here have been in the 75-85 degree range lately.

Sweetride | 29. oktober 2015

The temp reading is about 4-6 degrees higher than prior to 7.0 for the same perceived temp. For me in warm weather 67 yielded comfort and now 71-72. I visited with a Tesla driver at Tejon Ranch a while back and asked him about wires streaming out of his headrests and he said it was to measure actual temps against the temps shown in the car. | 29. oktober 2015

One really trivial feature I liked in my old Lexus was an option to change the climate temperature visual setting by +/- 4 degrees from what the factory though it should be. I'm sure everyone's perception of the 'right' temperature is different!

AmpedRealtor | 29. oktober 2015


72 is now apparently really 72. Before, 72 was really 68. | 29. oktober 2015

@AR - you may be right!

jesse.cushing | 28. desember 2019

I bought a 2014 Model S 60 with 85k miles about 3 weeks ago. It's in generally great shape, but this periodic boomy thump is the main thing that has me concerned. The lady I bought the car from says she only noticed it after the car was about 3 years old, and that she took it to the service center, and they just said it was normal. It goes away when I turn off the atmosphere control, but it doesn't seem to matter what temp I set it at. It's also noteworthy that it's been a steady ~45F outside since I got the car, which I might have guessed means that the AC wouldn't tend to kick on. The noise does bother me in itself, but I'm also worried that it's abusing the hardware to have it kicking on so hard and so often, seems likely to lead to an expensive failure. I wonder if some kind of aftermarket soft-start add-on circuit could resolve this(?) I imagine there are probably multiple threads on this topic, perhaps some more recent, but this is the most relevant one I found using the bizarre google-based search method for this forum. If anyone knows how to to point me at other relevant threads, I'd much appreciate it!

jesse.cushing | 28. desember 2019

Here's a video I just made of the compressor when it's making the noise.