Tilt mirrors

Tilt mirrors

Love my S60V but haven't been able to figure out how the side mirrors work? Moved the option on but neither mirrors tilt? Thanks all for the help!

stevenmaifert | 03. februar 2013

It's discussed on Pg. 12 of the Owner's Guide, but they could have been more specific. Make sure the auto tilt is on. If you haven't already done so, make a driver profile for yourself. With that profile active, put your foot on the brake, shift the car into reverse, then adjust the side mirror tilt down to where you want it. You should get a prompt to save that setting to your driver profile. Save it. Shift back to park. The next time you shift into reverse, the mirrors should tilt down to the setting you saved.

mrjohnlnguyen | 03. februar 2013


Michael39 | 03. februar 2013

I don't have driver profiles. All I did was shift into reverse, adjust the mirrors and the car saved the settings.

smd | 03. februar 2013

With multiple profiles, the exact amount of tilt for reverse can be different for each profile/driver.

saroov | 31. kan 2013

Man.. I changed the setting auto tilt and did not read through the full manual (was too exited) and missed the putting in reverse and adjusting mirror. Thinking there is a bug came to the forum. Thanks for the explanation now going throug the manual I see it. My BMW has one setting and it was easy, I guess tesla is too advanced and missed the explanation.

Note to fellow SW Developers: may be the explanation can be added to each setting as a tool tip.

ChasF | 31. kan 2013

Was told by the service center this past weekend that this feature only comes with the tech package. True? I have leather seats but no tech. Seems strange this would be part of the tech package and not driver profiles. Even stranger that they would limit this feature to only some even though the hardware (mirror motors) is available for everyone.

riceuguy | 31. kan 2013

Chas, there are some weird quirks that seem to impact this, such as when you ordered the car (pre- or post-price increase), whether you have leather, whether you have the tech package, etc. For example, I have and earlier 60kwh (ordered pre-price increase), the tech package and cloth but no driver profiles, but I do have the tilting mirrors. If I had taken the price increase the combinations may have been different as I would have heated seats, lumbar support, and may have gotten profiles (though I'm not sure)...and I'm not sure what impact any of that would have had on tilting mirrors. Simple!

David Trushin | 01. juni 2013

Just like any new car. If you want the improved sound system, you must also get the chrome wheels and sun roof.

jillalameda | 03. juni 2013

The auto-tilt on side mirrors is not listed in the manual as being related to the tech package, and it was not listed as one of the tech package options. My auto-tilt has never worked (I don't have tech) and today I have an appointment in Fremont for them to fix it. I better not drive all the way down there and have them tell me it's because I don't have the tech package!

suegie | 10. juni 2013

I've set mine a couple of times and it only works maybe one time. It worked when I first got the car, and then I found out about having to set it while in Reverse and save to Profile. I did that, and it worked the next day (not right then). Then it never worked again. I do have the Tech Package...I need to contact Service!

skulleyb | 10. juni 2013

I had the same thing happen and they now tell me i have to have the tech pack.
THe button was present in the setting menu to turn it no but now its gone....