Tinting pano roof

Tinting pano roof

Has anyone put photosync or any other uv blocker on the pano roof? What do you do to reduce heat from pano sun?

mlaiken | 01. september 2013

It is very heavily tinted as is. I was worried that the sun would be hot/bright in the car but the factory tint is very good at blocking the light and heat. I live in so cal and it has been triple digits lately and I have not had any issues with heat from the sunroof. All other cars I owned always let too Much light and heat through the sunroof but the Tesla is completely different.

michael1800 | 01. september 2013

I'm in sunny Florida and have no issues with the pano roof sans tint. Tinting the other windows helped boatloads. The only issue remaining is the front windshield. It's illegal to tint them in Florida, but I'm looking around for someone to do 3M 75 Crystalline on the sly. My point is though, the pano is good to go with its pre-existing tint.

nickjhowe | 01. september 2013

@Michael - I put PhotoSync 75 on the windshield. You can't see it is there. I'm in FL.

PBEndo | 01. september 2013

I concur - Pano in South Florida and there is no heat problem from the pano

arc0300 | 01. september 2013

anyone get a darker tan with the pano roof? :)

Azdcmoney | 01. september 2013

Even in my state, no heat prob what so ever

earlyretirement | 01. september 2013

I'm going to go against the grain on this one and say that for anyone used to a sunroof with a shade then the sunroof might be a bit much for light. I've always had sunroofs in my cars but all of them had the ability to shade it with a shade.

While times it is nice to have the sunroof without the shade, on hot sunny days it wouldn't be too comfortable. Plus, you could probably get burnt if you are always in your car and pale complected.

I live in Southern California and the past few days it's been VERY hot. It's always sunny here so that is normal.

I picked up the car earlier in the week and I could definitely notice the heat coming through the front windshield and the sunroof.

Yesterday, I got the entire car tinted. I went with the 3M Crystalline. I got the back window and the sunroof 15 and it's PERFECT for me now. I can definitely feel a big improvement in the heat reduction. I also got the windshield tinted to 70, which I believe is the maximum you can in California. Quite honestly, I don't think any police would stop you and notice it's tinted.

The windshield in the Model S is HUGE so it lets in a lot of sun. I noticed a big improvement with the tinting. Plus my kids insist on riding in the back and it was VERY hot in the back without the tinting. The 15 helps and also I got 2 battery operated fans from which help. I still wish Tesla put air vents back there but I guess this is a solution for now.

I'm not sure how some people say the sun isn't a problem, especially in States where it's very hot and sunny. I'm so glad I went with the tinting. Looks great too.

I'll take some photos this week. I've been so busy this weekend but I will get some photos this week.

jjaeger | 01. september 2013

The sunroof tint is perfect until I open it. Then it really sucks. Absolutely need a tint solution for the open gaping hole in the roof. Will count on this industrious community to propose a number of viable solutions for me in short order. TIA.

Brian H | 02. september 2013

Sunburn? I think the pano is full UV-block coated. No matter how palely complected you are, no sunburn. | 02. september 2013

I have the windows tinted but have not felt any need to have the pano tinted--this includes on long drives down the CA central valley on 100+ days.


J.T. | 02. september 2013

@jjaeger There's been a lot of talk in the forum about a solution for this. Not sure it's widely available though. They call it a hat.