Tormenting myself?

Tormenting myself?

Dear Abby,

I have a black/black P85 delivering tomorrow/Saturday. I'm very excited. But...

Way back in 1998, after I bought my wife's engagement ring, I was still in the habit of looking at rings in every store window I passed. I was very happy with my choice and realized I should stop looking at other rings. I noticed that every time I looked at another ring I was just confirming my choice as right, but at some point I would see a ring that might have been better that would unsettle or even make me unhappy about my decision. So, I quit looking as a passed by and still love the sapphire stone with two small diamonds on each side every time I look at it today.

But reading the red P85+ thread just now made me think I should have treated my new car like the engagement ring and not read some of the stuff on the forums...

When I ordered, there was no Red for display in Santana row, and the P85+ had just become available, but with only a paragraph of description in the design page. I turned it down because I didn't want the potholed streets of New Orleans to have an even rougher ride. Seems like that was not a real concern, but nobody had any idea at the time how Performance Plus would behave.

I find reading on this site about the new goodies I'm missing out on to be deliciously tormenting. Maybe I should just wait to enjoy my car without worrying about what could have been?

How are others dealing with the feeling of missing out on upgrades?

It seems a bit silly to be thinking about how I could upgrade by selling the car I haven't even received yet to place another order!

First World Problem Sufferer


jjs | 16. kan 2013


When you get your car here is the cure.

1) Press down on accelerator
2) Smile
3) Repeat as needed

If this does not cure you then you are beyond hope. Best of luck.

PaceyWhitter | 16. kan 2013

You can't think like that.

Tesla is constantly updating and modifying its products. There is always something out there that is going to be a little bit better. The important thing is that the existance of another car does not make your car slower, doesn't make it handle worse doesn't change it in the least. It cannot affect your appreciation of your car unless you let it. So do what jjs suggests and enjoy.

wojahn | 16. kan 2013

Wouldn't tesla allow you to upgrade now before taking delivery? Maybe you should ask.

carlk | 16. kan 2013

Just want to know if you continue to look at other women after you married your wife. I do but at the same time I understand it won't do me any good.

mvannah | 16. kan 2013

I feel that way about power folding mirrors (garage entrance is only 93.5" wide) and air vents for the jump seats (live in a hot desert climate and have young kids). I decided I would be more tortured waiting for these and a myriad of other upgrades that will always be tantalizingly in the near future than enjoying the car I have been longing for. I have already decided that my next upgrade (other than batteries) will be when the vehicle has the option to be completely autonomous (2023?).

SamO | 16. kan 2013


Not that long. Google claims they'll have something road worthy in 2017/18.

The new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S Class revealed yesterday that it has all the technology needed to operate fully autonomously, but has been programmed not to due to a lack of legislation.

Brian H | 16. kan 2013

The only way to buy a computer that's not obsolete tomorrow is to get one just before you die.

GeekEV | 16. kan 2013

@matt.wisdom, @carlk - It's one thing to admire, quite another to covet... ;->

jbunn | 16. kan 2013

Don't worry. You can't see much of the outside of the car from the driver's seat. You'll be fine. I got a 60 with all the extras, but now wish I would have gotten the performance with the audio package. But it's all working out just fine. Love my car.

jonesxander | 16. kan 2013

@Matt, Just have the Tesla Rangers (lol sounds like a baseball team) come by and pick it up. You'll get a nifty loaner, and like Elon says, If you like it better you can keep it! LOL.

Of course there will be the additional upgrade charge.

How does that work exactly?

skymaster | 16. kan 2013

@Matt I understand your feelings. I have had a non-performance 85 for 2 months now and I love it.

I just picked up a P85+ 2 hours ago.....with the MEATS in the rear...the acceleration is INSANE!!!

matt.wis | 16. kan 2013

I love the comments! Can't wait to have the real car. And I do still look at other women (which my wife doesn't mind), and I do buy computer gear and don't fret that a new upgrade is around the corner.

I'll post back when I have it. I may have to induce a problem to get the service car if somehow I'm feeling insatiable!


stimeygee | 16. kan 2013

I ordered a grey car, and saw a black one yesterday on the road, and thought "actually that black looks really great, maybe that's the color I should have gotten."

So, goes the other way too. P

As far as P85+.... note that the car Consumer Reports gave the 99/100 was a regular 85.

I'm pretty sure you'll be happy.

Brian H | 17. kan 2013

You'll have to be fairly inventive with your "induced service" requirement. It's got to take over 4 hrs in the Service Center's estimation to fix. Suggestion: take a ball peen hammer ...

lolachampcar | 17. kan 2013

trying to sell current MSP85.... want P85+ and have little to know impulse control. Dog is also too old to learn new tricks so I'm just going with it.

lolachampcar | 17. kan 2013

no, not know

J.T. | 17. kan 2013

@lolochampcar Watch out, that's Brian H's job.

EK | 17. kan 2013

If money is no issue just call Tesla and ask to trade, I´m sure at least one of service loners is a Red P85+