Ugly Zero emissions stickers

Ugly Zero emissions stickers

Since Elon Musk is so brilliant, can't he get the State of California to give an exemption to Tesla so we don't have to put the ugly zero emission stickers on three sides of the bumpers. I love my red car and don't want to put those ugly stickers on it. How about just one small one in the rear window? Everyone (including the CA Highway Patrol) knows that all Tesla's are electric only!

Beelz | 19. august 2013

Having just put mine on today, I am totally sympathetic to this. ICK! The second thing I had to do to my car because of the state of California. I also hate it every time I look at my front plate.

Eknight47 | 19. august 2013

WTF? You are required by law to put those stickers on your car? Why?

Earl and Nagin ... | 19. august 2013

You don't have to put the stickers on your car. You just can't drive solo in the California carpool lanes if you don't.
I agree, they are ugly. It wasn't easy getting the State of CA to agree to anything and this was the only thing they felt would reduce the stress on police trying to enforce carpool violations.
Its been this way for over a decade, they've always been ugly. At least ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) stickers are White. Hybrids were yellow, and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are green.
If anyone has pull with the State of CA, I and most (all?) others would love for the stickers to go away, however, we also don't want to lose the carpool privilege.
Suggestion: We've put small patches of Clearbra on the quarter panels cut to the shape of the stickers so we can easily remove them in the future if without damaging the paint.

Beelz | 19. august 2013

The problem before was all the electric cars were ugly. That has changed. :-)

TikiMan | 19. august 2013

But you have to admit, there isn't any other luxury vehicle on the road that has those stickers! :-)

Not even a billionaire with a $500k Rolls-Royce Phantom,
or a $1.6 million dollar Bugatti Veyron can get them!

Wear it with pride!

Eknight47 | 19. august 2013

At least you can ride solo in the HOV lane. That's pretty cool. MA is SO FAR behind this whole EV thing. We do have EV plates, which I hope would be good enough for the cops to see if they ever did approve travel in the HOV.

AmpedRealtor | 19. august 2013

How strange. In Arizona, all EVs receive a special plate that automatically grants rights to use the HOV lane. Maybe California should do the same thing? Why not combine this into an EV or AFV plate?

Alex K | 19. august 2013

@AmpedRealtor | AUGUST 19, 2013: In Arizona, all EVs receive a special plate that automatically grants rights to use the HOV lane. Maybe California should do the same thing?

It would also be nice if all states had some kind of reciprocity as far as HOV access is concerned, then you could drive with your AZ plate in the CA HOV lanes as a signal occupant.

arc0300 | 19. august 2013

i read people using magnets with the stickers. so slap them on when you know you'll be using it. :P

soma | 19. august 2013

Tesla is aluminum - magnets won't work, right?

AirForce462 | 19. august 2013

@arc0300 Magnets will not work due to the MS being primarily aluminum.

arc0300 | 19. august 2013

@jason_agustus - thanks..forgot about that. :P

TeslaLandShark | 19. august 2013

Yes, sadly I tried the magnet thing because I didn't realize the MS was made out of aluminum. Boy I felt stupid when they wouldn't stick! The car magnet company did send me removable decals as a sort of "consolation prize". The decals do peel off and stick on pretty easily but not like those magnets would have. It does feel good to know I can get them off if I want to.

ajkim26 | 19. august 2013

Not putting them on, I refuse.

Gas cars should be required to use stickers.

kjin7117 | 19. august 2013

my stickers are on the rear windows and i'd like to know if anybody has gotten a ticket from it. if so, just a fix-it ticket or carpool violation?

tomtesla85P | 19. august 2013

I am starting out by only putting the small sticker on the back window

jbunn | 19. august 2013

It's not really the state of CA or for the benefit of the cops here. Cars are required to carry the stickers so other drivers don't see single occupants, and assume that it's OK for everyone to ignore the signs.

We have ugly stickers so other citizen-idiots know we are compliant with the law.

bt77057 | 19. august 2013

However ugly you think it's not as ugly as a ticket from CHP.

And I'm not kidding.

Brian H | 19. august 2013

propped up in a side window should work to inform other drivers!

RanjitC | 19. august 2013

Do what I did buy a silver car, or, white. The stickers don't look so bad then.

RanjitC | 19. august 2013

With a gray interior much cooler than my BLK/BLK porsche.

fritzlan | 19. august 2013

I will never put those stickers on my car.

I came to California in 1968 and have never put license plate on the front of any car. I've only gotten one ticket. It's worth it. Seriously just look around when you drive. In Northern California 30% of the cars do not have license plates on the front. But do not drive into Tiburon. They have a camera and they will bust you.

Brian H | 19. august 2013

Tiburton doesn't want you scofflaws passing through.

stevenmaifert | 20. august 2013

If it wasn't bad enough, now you have to have them on your car to even use the chargers at the San Diego airport:

JPPTM | 20. august 2013

Lots of comments on other posts here (use and at They may be ugly, but they are a badge of honor, and if you value your time, being able to speed by traffic in the HOV lane is a major plus. FWIW, I have a multi-coat red and did NOT apply them to the body, but instead to the black fascia below the fenders and bumper. Less obtrusive. Still visible. Less likely to get a glare or the finger from someone stuck in the #2 lane as I zip by. And please note that the CHP will not forgive you for not mounting them. The stickers are numbered and they want them to be permanently affixed to the proper vehicle with the matching registration.


TikiMan | 20. august 2013

I was first introduced to Tesla, because of those ugly white-stickers on a Roadster (back in 2007-08), as it blasted pasted me in the HOV lane, while I was stuck in my former luxury ICE car, sitting in bad traffic with all the other sheep.

I would have likely NEVER looked twice at a Tesla, had it not been for my curiosity of how a cool-looking car got those stickers.

Back when all the Prius's were in the HOV lane, I said to myself... "Too bad those folks have to suffer in such a slow fugly car to get into the HOV lane". I have a feeling Elon was thinking the same thing.

jbunn | 20. august 2013


Yeah, I agree. With window placement you can take them down when you are not driving solo in rush hour. Statute tends to be pretty specific, so the must have decided to really pin down the exact location.

I have a dark blue S, but the roads I drive either don't have carpool, or when I am on the highway, It's either off hours, or I'm with my wife, so we can meet the 2+ lane restriction.

I may order a set, but I am not sure I would ever put them on unless my commute were to change.

This is the only time I wish my car was steel, because I would glue that sucker to a magnetic sticker so they are removable.

TheAustin | 20. august 2013

When I received my NY State HOV stickers, I cut exactly around them (but didn't peel them off the sheet)...Then I used clear window cling and mounted them on the insides of my front bottom right windshield, rear bottom right window in the hatch, and the small back sections of the rear passenger windows...This is as close to the corresponding bumper locations as I could get the HOV stickers, and I haven't had a problem from the police so far (And I have passed by them in the HOV lane).

If you leave them in your glovebox, the police aren't going to know that you have them until they have already pulled you over...And, don't expect them to just "know" it's an electric Tesla Model S. I didn't want to take that chance, so I came up with the locations that I did...It's worked for me so far, hopefully it works for you too.

So you all can picture what I'm talking about:

Now, I did get a bit nerdy with this...I recreated the outline of the NY State Clean Pass sticker in Adobe Illustrator, and then I added an extra inch all the way around it, printed that out, cut around it, placed it over the clear window cling, traced it, and then cut out a piece of clear window cling that was exactly 1" bigger all the way around than my Clean Pass sticker, in the exact some shape.

Why? Because if you just cut a rectangle of clear window cling, it looks ugly, but more importantly, the corners curl up from extreme heat inside the car...The rounded edges on what I created help to keep a much better grip on the window...After two months, only one of the four pieces of cling has fallen off...But, the funny thing is, the front of the sticker is still clinging to the inside of the glass, even without the cling...And has been for several weeks now! I may try and peel the rest of the clings off to see if the other stickers are also fused in place :)