Has any one undercoated their Model S to protect from corrosion?

JPPTM | 01. februar 2014

Corrrosion? In a mostly aluminium vehicle?

Car t man | 01. februar 2014

You can forget the 1960ies in this car :)
Just drive and enjoy. Give 50% of what
you were willing to put to this effort
to a homeless guy or for some good cause..

bevguy | 12. februar 2014

I could be wrong but I think the aluminum "armor"box surrounding the batteries is used as a heat sink to dissipate excess heat, so a coating of rubber like insulating material wouldn't be a good idea.

Joshua Burstyn | 12. februar 2014

While the car does contain some steel components, the vast majority are aluminum.

I would actually like to hear about how these aluminum components are protected. The parts I've seen that aren't painted don't appear to be anodized or otherwise protected against salt or other corrosive materials.

Additionally I'd appreciate an update from anyone in the know regarding galvanic corrosion between the dissimilar metals. I assume this has been considered, however.

Thanks for raising the issue though, thomassheehan. :-)