Unknown Tesla models on the road?

Unknown Tesla models on the road?

I was driving in south Florida the other day and behind a car with an amusing license plate "CYA OPEC" it wasn't until traffic began moving again that I noticed the back of the vehicle had the Tesla name and logo and a model number G-37 (also no visible tailpipe). Huh? I can find no reference to a G model series in the Tesla site and the vehicle looked vaguely like a crossover SUV. Can anybody enlighten me?

Earl and Nagin ... | 06. januar 2016

What state was the license plate? I know who has that license plate on a CA Tesla (not sure if it is on his Roadster or his Model S). IIRC, its a Black and Orange CA license plate. Both are heavily tricked out. Here's a link:!

Scott N | 06. januar 2016

It was a Florida plate. What about the G model designation? When a shop "tricks out" a vehicle are they permitted to create their own model designation?

Rocky_H | 06. januar 2016

@Scott N, No, that's definitely not a legitimate model number of a Tesla. Someone is playing a joke one way or another.

Most likely, it's an Infinity G37 (Google for some images of it), where someone thought it would be cool or funny to put a Tesla logo on the back of it.

Or the joke is the other way, that it's a Model S, where someone put G37 on the back of it for some reason.

ian | 07. januar 2016

Except that the infiniti G37 isn't a crossover, it's a sedan.

Too bad you didn't get a picture! ;-)