unlimited battery charging power

unlimited battery charging power
this however is serious and old technology back to the days of benjamin franklin! tesla even made such devices which do work!!

Timo | 03. april 2014

Quite low power thing, but does actually work. You can get quite big voltage differences just by grounding cables at some distance from each other. My friend had experience where his stereos got ground from antenna and other connected systems got ground from plug. Voltage difference between chassis of those other connected systems and stereo was over 300V. A kind of "WTF, this isn't even plugged in, how an earth I get shock from it" -situation.

nikolateslas88 | 04. april 2014

please watch videos, not free energy, but potential power applications, the earth as nikola tesla has shown also has a ton of energy
please this is a real solution, so easy to build.... power is electrostatic.

this is as old as benjamin franklin and the key experiments....

Timo | 04. april 2014

I'm going to flag your second post as irrelevant. You are just repeating yourself in it.

Homebrook | 04. april 2014

@nikolateslas88 "so easy to build" Go for it! We'll watch.