Update on Center Console

Update on Center Console

I seen the photos of the front center console, they are great. I little low profile, but still nice. Have they finalized the design? If so will I be able to buy one by Dec 2012? How much will it cost. Is it modular so you can create your own setup, mix and match (smart phone holder, cup holder, hidden compartments, etc). Is the little shelf I seen under the touch screen also part of that. This will be something that just adds on top of the center space, it will not require you to remove it? Is it coming to the design center?

Teoatawki | 30. august 2012

The design(s) are not finalized, or at least not announced.

Unknown at this point: availability, $$$, modularity.

Although not currently being delivered, the shelf has been announced and will be standard and retrofitted to early delivery cars. Installing a console should let you keep the shelf in place.

cerjor | 30. august 2012

Where did you see the pictures?

wbrown01 | 31. august 2012
Soflauthor | 07. september 2012

For those who have been following the progress of the Center Console Insert (CCI) that I've proposed and designed over the past year, there's an update on CCI progress over at TMC:

post # 66

The TMC moderators have chosen to dedicate a thread to the CCI (inside the Sub-forum "Model S: Interior & Exterior" sticky at the top of the Model S forums page).

Please leave comments there.

Roblab | 07. september 2012

Looks great, Soflauthor. You've got a winner.

Tomas | 08. september 2012

I imagine the market is too small, but it would be cool if Telsa followed Apple (like they did with the store design) and sold accessories made by other manufactures and Open up the distribution for small companies. Great to offer choices to consumers.

wbrown01 | 08. september 2012

The two models in the two links looks nothing like each other. Can someone explain that? Also

Can you provide a better photo of your model console.

Robert22 | 08. september 2012

I'm sure the potential of aftermarket personalization has not escaped Tesla. Soflauthor may have built a better mousetrap. I'm confident Tesla will respond like the innovative and style-defining company it has become i.e. opportunity, not threat.

Soflauthor | 08. september 2012

@wbrown: I'm working on a alpha prototype that will be finished in a few weeks - after I've checked dimensionality on a production car that should arrive in the Dania store this week. When it's done, photos of the alpha in the car will be posted at TMC and maybe here (it looks like TM took down my earlier photos of proof of concept model, or at least the thread disappeared.

@Roblab: Once the product is complete, I'm going to purse the idea of "open[ing] up the distribution for small companies" with TM. After all, what better story than an early Model S adopter (me) who is so enthusiastic about the car that he initiated what I'm sure will become a small, but nonetheless, vibrant aftermarket in Model S accessories.

@Robert22: I hope that TM addresses the CC area, but at this point, I'm perfectly happy if they take their time :)