Upgrade battery size

Upgrade battery size

I am considering upgrading my battery size from a estimated range of about 230 miles to the largest size of about 300 miles. I am quoted $17,000 to do this. Does anyone have any experience or comments on this?



Blueshift | 09. oktober 2013

Be sure to weigh the $17k option against the possibility of selling your car and buying an 85.

Chunky Jr. | 09. oktober 2013

I assume you're talking about upgrading from 60kWh to 85kWh? Seems like that would only make sense if you do a lot of road trips, or have a daily commute beyond the range of 60kWh.

negarholger | 09. oktober 2013

$17k sounds resonable ( service install is always much more costly then factory install ). But you should consider buying a new one and selling the current one.

Tâm | 09. oktober 2013

It's a bargain if it can bring you peace of mind.

I assume 8 year warranty starts when you upgrade the battery, not from the date you bought your car, right?

jat | 09. oktober 2013

Note those are ideal miles, not rated miles which are more realistic estimates of what you could actually achieve on the interstate.

So you already own a 60kWh battery and they are quoting you $17k to replace it with an 85kWh battery? New, that upgrade costs $10k (but includes Supercharger access, which is also $2k), so you are paying a bit over double the new cost. Given that they will have a used battery that is of limited value to them (they could put it on a loaner or in their battery swap pool, but they couldn't sell it new), that doesn't seem unreasonable.

As @BlueShift and Kleist suggest, selling and upgrading might be more reasonable.

jbunn | 09. oktober 2013

An upgrade at 10K, plus possibly a supercharger upgrade assuming the car did not already have it, would be a total of 12K. The 17K charge is more than new but much less than double.

To the best of my knowledge, I've never heard of Tesla doing this after delivery.

jat | 09. oktober 2013

@jbunn - if you had a 60kWh without Supercharger, you could have bought 85kWh with Supercharger access for $10k more. Since it would cost $2k to just add Supercharger access, that means you would pay $8k for the battery upgrade.

soma | 10. oktober 2013

I hope people here are talking about "upgrading" as in changing the model you are deciding to purchase.

I had never heard of being able to upgrade the battery after purchase?? In fact the FAQ suggests that Tesla will not offer this option.

Am I mistaken?

Bubba2000 | 10. oktober 2013

I own a 85P/Pano. It is ok for most trips to close cities and I can come back without recharging. No superchargers here on I-10 and the few public chargers are slow. I would like a 500 mile battery. If it was me in your place, I would wait, save the $17,000. In a couple of years, Tesla will increase the range and even add energy saving features like smart cruise control. Unless, the extra range of the 85KW-hr is something you need for everyday use.

BTW, I love the performance of the 85P, tech package. I got to remind myself to use the Porsche I got sitting in the garage.

bent | 10. oktober 2013

Tesla's official (and so far consistent) story is that they won't offer battery upgrades on finished vehicles. This is what they need to tell us to avoid lots of people buying the 60kWh, being disappointed, and then coming back for an upgrade. If a lot of people did this it would become a burden on Tesla, and it wouldn't really make the customers very happy either.

So they say this because essentially they have to.

It was never really super convincing though. I am sure that if you go to them with a good enough story, they will work with you to get something that works for you both. An expensive battery upgrade may be such a thing.

In the longer term, if and when they start doing 100kWh batteries etc., it's pretty obvious there will be lots of existing customers out there who won't take no for an answer when they come asking for an upgrade option on their 85kWh car.

EVMD | 10. oktober 2013

In the near future it will be aftermarket batteries for sure.

Jolinar | 10. oktober 2013

I really doubt that, no aftermarket for battery anytime soon :D
Other automakers can't do it and you expect aftermarket to solve that soon?

NYC Realtor | 10. oktober 2013

When you read this smattering of patents you'll realize aftermarket batteries ain't gonna happen any decade soon:

Bubba2000 | 10. oktober 2013

Elon mentioned in the last annual meeting that the company is working with Panasonic on upgraded chemistry. This new batteries will enable Gen3 to have a small size and 200 mile range at $35,000/car. I figure it will be a increase in battery density close to 50% with a lower $/KW-hr. Something in the $150/KW-hr range.

AT that point, there will be a lot of pressure from customers who want to upgrade. Tesla could make a nice profit on the trade in. Not sure where they would use the old battery packs. May be just replace the batteries in the existing pack. Use the battery pack in the superchargers?

I would like to see supercharger deployment at every 100 miles in the highways. It would make the 85 KW-hr pack good enough in most cases.

teriyaki88 | 11. oktober 2013

I'm not 100% positive but I think there's a specific time frame to own the car to get the tax credits. I want to say 3 years. If this was not in place I think people would buy a new car then sell it right away.

kickgas | 11. oktober 2013

When, in the future, Tesla comes up with a new battery with better range, has there been any word on whether it will be made to retrofit the S....or will you have to buy a completely new vehicle?

negarholger | 11. oktober 2013

Official guidance is - buy the battery you need. As long as Tesla is battery supply constraint I would doubt that the will be an official upgrade path. Assuming Gen3 will be a hit then Tesla will be battery supply constraint for many years to come.

ghillair | 11. oktober 2013

What other auto makers provide retrofits/upgrades to their vehicles when they come out with a higher powered or more efficient engine?

If a new car has new features you want sell the old one and by the new one.

ir | 11. oktober 2013

@kickgas: Straight from the horse's mouth.

This is the closest thing we have to go by. Hard to know more until Tesla actually builds it. Especially if they radically change the type of battery (eg. Hydrogen or Metal-Air).

If you really want to know, you'll have to get a job on Tesla's design / engineering team.

kickgas | 11. oktober 2013

@ir They are talking about their present battery configurations I'm sure you realize. Has Elon ever been asked this question?

Brian H | 11. oktober 2013

The Gen 3 will have a smaller skateboard, and probably a smaller battery form factor. Unlikely to be swappable with the MS.

Elon did once say upgrade was technically possible. Also, the swap station idea for longer trips depends on it. Whether TM ever makes it an official option is moot if you can choose to keep a rented swap battery!

Captain_Zap | 11. oktober 2013

I'd love it if the Gen III came out with a longer range option. The 85kWh is about as low as I could go with my routines.

Car t man | 11. oktober 2013

In some time, you will see all combinations, along with aftermarket batteries... It is unavoidable..