Vanishing convertable roof

Vanishing convertable roof

Anent nothing in particular, a suggested tech for the S-cabriolet?

On a supercar prototype, 3.4/205 ...

BYT | 26. april 2012

That is pretty cool, I must admit

jbunn | 20. kan 2012

Got one on our volvo c70....

Volker.Berlin | 21. kan 2012
Nick Kordich | 21. kan 2012

@Volker.Berlin - I recall seeing that when the prototype was on sale on eBay Motors in 2008.

This video shows the door from the inside. It looks to be very thin - basically just the outer shell, window mechanicals and a curtain to keep you from getting tangled up in the works. That's quite a contrast with the extra-thick doors on the Model S, and the primary engineering challenge would be a five-star rating for side-impacts.

For this, however, I'd be willing to sacrifice door pockets. :)