We did this with the Roadster. What vanity plates are people ordering for the Model S? My Roadster is IL – FUELESS as a play on all the people that told me I was foolish for buying the car. Haven't picked one for the S yet. Share yours here.

1PT1 GEE | 06. februar 2015

When is the soonest that you can order a vanity plate? I saw something on the CA DMV website that said it needs to be registered...

sakhat | 06. februar 2015


mclary | 06. februar 2015


dborn | 06. februar 2015


NKYTA | 07. februar 2015


CEYA GAS | 07. februar 2015


California DMV says you have to pick up the plates within 30 days of their telling you that they are ready. You might be able to get an extension, but they have to be associated with a vehicle or they will be cancelled and made available to anyone else. In our recent case, it took 10 weeks from when I ordered them to getting the notice that they were at my local DMV office ready to be assigned...

matt | 07. februar 2015

Got an email back that FRAKOFF was denied in NJ... Jerks. Hmmmm what now?

erickd1 | 07. februar 2015


erickd1 | 07. februar 2015


erickd1 | 07. februar 2015


erickd1 | 07. februar 2015

No Pump

PhillyGal | 07. februar 2015

@Teslagroupie - in PA, your car has to be registered for vanity plates to be requested.

We registered our car and sent in our vanity plate request the same time but the request got mailed back to us since the car wasn't yet found.

Our darn registration paperwork went in 2 months ago (!) and our registration still hasn't arrived. PennDOT is like a black hole sometimes. I owned a motorcycle for 5 years that was technically never registered. (It barely ever saw the light of day anyway.)

erickd1 | 07. februar 2015

potench = potentiometer

MileHighMotoring | 07. februar 2015

I don't get personalized plates that nobody would ever understand without explanation. | 07. februar 2015


NOT AN ICE | 07. februar 2015

Just paid my $300 for "TESLA D" yesterday, Ontario plate

erickd1 | 07. februar 2015


erickd1 | 07. februar 2015

not @ not an ice

genedr @ny-us | 07. februar 2015
genedr @ny-us | 07. februar 2015
genedr @ny-us | 07. februar 2015

Technical issues.

genedr @ny-us | 07. februar 2015
1PT1 GEE | 07. februar 2015

In our household there's a running joke based on a supposed soundbite from when Elon was at a Capitol hearing re: Boeing and Lockheed government contracts. He was making the good case about Space X's ability to send rockets up for far less, so apparently someone in one of the outer chambers made a reference to the line from the Iron Man movie. The part where Obadiah is telling his scientist that he better come up with the miniature version of the Arc reactor. Anyone remember this one?

"Tony Stark did it IN A CAVE with a BUNCH OF SCRAPS"

So I want my new plate to say IN A CAVE.

Too obscure @eco5280? Probably, but it sounds good to me!

heartbeat | 07. februar 2015

Ordered new CA plates for my P85D.

jbmjbm22 | 08. februar 2015

Mine in Texas is UBYGAS, didn't have room for "BUY" but it works!

jbmjbm22 | 08. februar 2015

Saw another the other day on a Tesla that was "KICK GAS"

querich03 | 08. februar 2015

GASKKNQ - Q is the nickname for members of my fraternity. "Gas Kickin Q"

douglasstuckey | 09. februar 2015

I have ordered 85 TES for my new Tesla in May. Would have ordered ALSET but the cost is Australia is about $5000, and I prefer good red wine or better seats!

daiello | 11. februar 2015

ooohhh douglasstuckey - mine comes in may too at St Leonards Tesla. What's your last 5 digits on the VIN? Mine is 74711.

My plates will be transferred from my current car. Just DAN 92 - Name and year of birth on black euro plates, nothing special.

avanti5010 | 11. februar 2015

Mine in CA - ELEKJET

douglasstuckey | 11. februar 2015

Hi dalello
Must be selling very fast globally. My VIN is 75945.
Also pick up at St Leonards. You are doing very well born in 92 to own a Tesla. What specifications did you get?
Mine is silver S85 with everything but extra sound. I also got the loss from the AUD, but I think still worth the money and the wait.

wab | 11. februar 2015

My WA plate is POWERED (transferred from the LEAF I leased for 3 years before buying the Model S).

OHMY | 11. februar 2015


Red Sage ca us | 12. februar 2015

matt: You could try an homage to Bill Cosby...


daiello | 12. februar 2015

Hi Douglas, wow yes that went up quick! I made it just before the increase by a couple of weeks, I think I ordered 2nd week of Jan. They say "late May" delivery, ours will probably come out on the same boat I suppose as they hold them up to get enough for Australia.

Not well enough unfortunately, would have loved the P model but couldn't rationalise it! I ended up with a black 85 with tan seats, panoramic roof, black alcantara, air suspension, tech and sound packages with the standard wheels. I'll be in California next week and have a set of 21 tesla rims to look at and ship over to Aus (with LCT and stamp duty it's way cheaper to buy 4 new tesla wheels and tires from there for $2500 shipped than pay the $8500 or so here for those) plus I'll have something tesla tangible to play with till end of May... Visiting the factory in couple of weeks time I'm pretty excited.

All the best and hope you love your tesla! I'll be looking out for 85 TES around may :)

NKYTA | 12. februar 2015

Oh, my. Quite good. :-)

douglasstuckey | 12. februar 2015

Hi dalello
Dan, the AUD cost me about $11k,( but it's still a 1st World problem,) so I am over it. You were lucky to get the old price. I almost ordered, but had not driven the car in time to assess.
I think we will both be very happy with the car. Mine will probably ship with yours but you will have the car first, as mine is being delivered to Queensland from St Leonards. Good trip to CA.
If you get a chance could you price a 19" wheel with tyre for me? (spare)
All the best. I am sure we won't be disappointed.

GadgetDawg | 12. februar 2015


rhbohl | 12. februar 2015

In CA, all the likely plates seem to have been taken. My "Li Bat" is a bit too arcane.

matt | 12. februar 2015

FRAKOFF was denied. Decided that FRACOFF just didn't have the same impact. ACDC was taken. So... Ordered AC7DC. Figured maybe I'll paint over the top of the 7. :)-

daiello | 13. februar 2015

Hi Douglas,
Lots of nice drives to be had in Queensland, hope they accelerate those superchargers from 2016 up there! I saw one for sale on Craigslist Bay Area for $350US used. If you really do want a spare I can sell you one of my new 19 inch ones for $300 shipped to you since I'll be getting tesla to take mine off and put on my replacement ones upon pickup. I doubt someone would want to buy all four of mine as a set anyway so I may be able to sell them off as spares. You can email me at to stay in touch if you like.
Enjoy your weekend!

jimstesla | 14. mars 2015

mine is IM AMPD

teslagiddy | 14. mars 2015

How about NOC8H18 (the chemical formula for octane, the main component of gasoline)?

George with SacEV | 14. mars 2015

For my 2013 Model S I HAD: ZERO HC

Now on my 2015 P85D: LTNG PWR

PlanoPat | 14. mars 2015

In Texas I have: OHMMM

greggmck | 15. mars 2015

Here is a list I have considered...

I went with HIVOLTG


Dr. Pete | 22. mars 2015

Oregon: GAS-X

briant | 22. mars 2015


prathyayini | 22. mars 2015


prathyayini | 22. mars 2015

Another one..... 0260N32