VIN #'s - Anyone know at what point we will receive them?

VIN #'s - Anyone know at what point we will receive them?

Since financing, insurance and licensing is dependent on having a VIN # I'd like to know when we'd be getting our VIN#.

Is it at the time of configuration confirmation? It seems like we would need plenty of lead time before delivery.

jerry3 | 09. juni 2012

Presumably you get them when you sign the contract.

jbherman | 09. juni 2012

I was told that the VIN# is assigned after the car comes off the line (and not before). There are variables that may occur between now and delivery of your car that may slightly affect the order of the queue (cancellations, modifications, etc.). I also "think" they are taking things like your geography (for distribution) and/or configuration into account (to a certain extent) when setting the line. My sales rep took it to his manager who responded that they cannot guarantee a VIN# at this time.

danielcolbert | 09. juni 2012

VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
VIN# = Vehicle Identification Number Number

Sorry to be a "grammar dick", just a pet peeve.

ViewAskew | 09. juni 2012

VIN's happen on the line. It is actually impossible for you to get the # ahead of time. Just FYI.