Voice commands

Voice commands

Does anyone know where I can find a list of the voice commands MS recognizes? I can only seem to get it to work for navigation. I didn't find references in the manual.

danej | 29. august 2013

The only other command I'm aware of is "listen to" or "play".

But for me, none of the commands work more than one out of ten times. I try to speak clearly, but it just crunches for a minute and then briefly blinks up an "unknown command" error on the screen.


moorelin | 29. august 2013
David70 | 29. august 2013

Be certain to hold the button down until you see "Recording" on your dash. When through giving the command release the button and you should see "Processing" displayed. Then, if it correctly interprets, it'll follow through. I've had very good results with "Navigate" and "Phone" or "Call". I don't remember which.

NKYTA | 29. august 2013

A slight pause after the "command", before the rest, also seems to help.

riceuguy | 29. august 2013

And a good half second pause after it says recording...

Parivashkarimi | 13. juni 2014

I have not had very good experiences with voice commands. My Tesla is 1 day old and I may be doing somethings wrong. I would like to have Voice Commands printed list and procedures. Unfortunately I have not found them yet. May be someone can help me.

However I found out that if you have a large USB Card formatted only in MS DOS (Fat) and copy all your songs, works successfully.

tezzla.SoCal | 13. juni 2014

Just a guess here, but I'm thinking you're not holding the button the whole time you're talking.

sschlief | 13. juni 2014

Hold the button down while speaking and you have three options; 1. "Navigate to" an address, a place or anything, 2. "Listen to" or "Play" an artist or a song (but not a station like AM,FM, XM, 106.5 etc.) and, 3. "Call" a name, a place or a phone number. One of the easiest and most intuitive voice commands in any car I've long as you remember to hold the button during your command and release it when finished speaking.

howsbayou2 | 13. juni 2014

"Where is" also works for navigation. I find voice commands work very well. I love play "stump the radio" looking for obscure artists and recordings.

steven.tubbs | 29. september 2014

Brand new owner; trying stuff out. Voice command to 'Answer' works just fine. Command to 'Call' pulls up correct name and number from I-phone contact list, but responds, "Voice Command not available." ????

Captain_Zap | 29. september 2014


I almost stumped Slacker. I called up a really old, old band named Belfegore and a song called "All That I Wanted". It found the name of the band but not the song. I left the band on my list of favorites. About 3 months later the song showed up and several more are available!

You would be amazed at how many Batman theme songs there are. I seem to recall a punk version but I haven't found that one yet.

swebb | 29. september 2014

Try "The Jam"

Captain_Zap | 29. september 2014

Will do!

dstiavnicky | 04. oktober 2014

Voice commands info page now updated on to include Tesla Feedback commands.


The gang at

bobrobert | 04. oktober 2014

Cap Zap, Batman theme? Speeding about Gotham in black spandex teddy complete with tail & kitten ears are you? Purrrfect in your MS :-)