The wait...

The wait...

This sucks! I've never felt such impatience.

negarholger | 06. april 2013

What wait ?

Sudre_ | 06. april 2013

The wait is worth it.

negarholger | 06. april 2013

The wait for the car delivery is joyfull anticipation
The wait for the car to come out of service - 3 weeks now for a missing spare part... hello I am next to the factory - is pure torture. Once you've tasted it the ICE feels medival at best.

elguapo | 06. april 2013

@rochec I agree, but I finalized 3/21/13 and was just told delivery will be second of May. Not bad considering many people here waited years. I am an impatient person and the anticipation is killing me, but wait times are really short now, relatively.

rochec | 06. april 2013

@elguapo what configuration did u get?

trydesky | 06. april 2013

Totally worth it. I put my res down 7/10. Then waited longer for the 60. It seems TM has the turn-around pretty fast these days.

Shesmyne2 | 10. april 2013

After a 3 1/2 year wait we were ecstatic to see that flatbed coming down the road Dec 2012 carrying our p85.
Erased all those days! AND we were still the 1st on the block.

Still Grinning ;-)

elguapo | 10. april 2013

@rochec I got a 60kWh, blue, pano, air, tech, sc, leather - bascially everything but the sound package and kids seats. I have been pleasantly surprised by the fast processing. That said, I don't have the car yet and timing could change.

rochec | 10. april 2013

My order is in production...supposedly. The wonderful Tesla rep talked to the delivery manager and they submitted it ahead of the 2 week wait. They say this will be an option on the site soon, but since it isn't yet it stills shows as being released to the factory on the 16th.

I'm told I've got about a 4 week wait.

Neige | 10. april 2013

So jealous! I finalized on March 22 and haven't heard anything since my paperwork was completed. My config: 85 kWh, grey, leather, pano, air, 19", tech, sound. When I first finalized the estimated delivery was "April to May 2013."

rochec | 10. april 2013

When did you get paperwork? I haven't gotten anything...they said it'd be a few weeks after it went to the factory (probably 2).

kback | 10. april 2013

I agree. The wait is killing me. I'm now hopelessly addicted to the forums and find myself thinking about my future Tesla all the time. I've never felt this way about a car, or anything really.

stimeygee | 10. april 2013

I just finalized an hour ago. Now just have to put it out of my mind for the next 8-10 weeks.

Velo1 | 10. april 2013

The forums helped pass the time waiting for me, but the day/night before I was like a little kid on Christmas eve.

My first night trying to sleep with it in the garage was tough, too. I kept waking up wanting to go sit in the car, and finally at 5:00 a.m. I went for a drive to see the sunrise.

It still feels like Christmas when I drive her (Joules).

Brian H | 10. april 2013

And try not to think of a pink elephant.

stephen.kamichik | 10. april 2013

My 22 month wait is over. Picking up my TM model S tomorrow.

hpatelmd | 10. april 2013

I finalized 3/18, and am expecting delivery next week, hopefully as early as 4/15. 85 kWh, silver, tech, sound, air. @jason.archibald, your wait is likely short.

rochec | 10. april 2013

When you say finalized, what do you mean?

hpatelmd | 10. april 2013

By finalized, I mean signed the docusign (electronic signatures) papers etc. At that point, I understood my deposit for the car to be irreversible. I did learn that it still takes a few more days from that point for the actual car to go into production.

gagliardilou | 10. april 2013

I think the wait is worst now that the car is out as opposed to waiting but no one had the car. I waited 3 years but got a sig so got it early and still love it. It truly is the best car on the planet today - seriously.

rochec | 10. april 2013

@hpatelmd interesting, they say I won't get my docs for a few weeks, but that my order was sent to the factory already. I'm a little concerned that I haven't "finalized", but they say it was sent.

DouglasR | 10. april 2013

Does anybody know anybody who forfeited a $5,000 deposit? I would bet it's quite rare.

skymaster | 10. april 2013

It even gets worse after you get your model S. I had to "wait" all day long to drive her (tess) home after work.

I have discovered that even after the worst day at work, tess will instantly put a smile on my face. The Model S is the best therapy that money can buy. This car is a mega-revolution waiting to happen.

Brian H | 11. april 2013

The Model Serenity.

elguapo | 11. april 2013

@DouglasR I think most people lose the $5,000 deposit as a result of being unable to finance. That's why there are several cars available right now if you call Tesla.

rochec | 11. april 2013

Tesla seems to be pretty reasonable though, all of the orphans that I've talked to them about have been things like the customer didn't pay attention and wanted the pano roof, but clicked no, so they made him another tricked out P85.

It is easy to do when you know you can sell that fully loaded P85 easily or use it for Elon to drive around Austin (like they did).

DouglasR | 11. april 2013

@elguapo - But have you read any reports where a customer admits to actually having lost the $5,000? I'm guessing that TM will let the customer out of that obligation pretty easily.

s_curve | 11. april 2013

:-) Funny to hear some complain about 10 weeks. After reading about the planned 'alpha' car, I drove my old car 4 years longer than I wanted to just so I could see what the production Model S was all about. I then waited 2 years from reservation to delivery. was well worth the wait.

Hang on reservationists...your mind will be completely blown.

elguapo | 11. april 2013

@DouglasR No, I haven't. Honestly, I'd be surprised if Tesla fought to keep it, as you note.

Brian10 | 11. april 2013

Tesla has had my deposit for 3.5 years with no firm delivery date. I'm one of the unfortunate 40kWh buyers who is now getting a software restricted 60kWh. I'm pleased about the upgrade but angry that my P1999 reservation is still unfilled. So for those of you who are anxious about a 10 week wait, you don't know what waiting is.

Btrflyl8e | 11. april 2013

@elguapo. We have almost the same config, and I finalized 3/21 also. (you have great taste!) I emailed Tesla yesterday asking for a delivery window and they gave me May 10-22. I hope it's earlier! I'm in FL, maybe that's why mine is a little later than yours?

60kWh, blue/black leather, pano, air, tech pkg, sound studio, 19"

elguapo | 11. april 2013

@Btrflyl8e I called again today (I have to stop myself from calling daily!) and they gave me an updated window of 5/8-5/22, so almost exactly like you. Awesome configuration choices! Like you, I am hoping it comes early! I live less than two miles from a service center, so I am hoping that helps speed delivery (though I can't think of a great reason it should).