Website of Compiled HOV/Tollway laws per-state

Website of Compiled HOV/Tollway laws per-state

I am curious if anyone has found a good, comprehensive site that lists all of the States, and their laws regarding HOV and Tollway access for electric cars.

I know I can go to each state's website and click through a dozen links, then read through the 60-page law, but I was hoping someone had created a site that the owner does that for people and makes it available in a 2-3 click fashion, so I can favorite it on my Model S' browser for use during road trips.

If it doesn't exist, I am hoping this will inspire someone to do so ;)

Brian H | 05. august 2014

Sounds like a wiki project you just volunteered to start.

Haeze | 05. august 2014

Yuck, I don't have that sort of time !

Red Sage ca us | 14. august 2014

There was in recent months word of several states that would work together to combine their efforts to support EVs with incentives and multi-state HOV lane access.

Captain_Zap | 14. august 2014

You see the problem, you own it. ;-)
(I heard that one too many times!)

Mathew98 | 14. august 2014

The one who smelt it dealt it...

hikerockies | 14. august 2014

This might cover some of what you are looking for - Don't know how up to date this is kept.