What to do with "offensive" character on Tesla forum

What to do with "offensive" character on Tesla forum

- "offensive" is in the eye of the beholder. If you find someone who repeatedly offends, don't reply, don't respond!
- flag a post as inappropriate.
- email ownership experience.

nickjhowe | 16. februar 2013

Already done. :-)

Not you BTW, though I did consider it. :-)

Hills | 16. februar 2013

Very funny...Many forum members want one particular poster to just go away. Pretty sure you know exactly the poster I refer to - does not own model S or hold a reservation.

jbherman | 16. februar 2013

He'll just re-up with a new screen name. Just ignore him. Eventually he'll get bored and move to another forum (how about the NYT?!). He's a troll and is enjoying the attention or he's working for "the enemy." Regardless, I'm not sure what his agenda is. Does he think he's going to talk Tesla enthusiasts out of keeping or buying a Model S? Good luck with that! By the time someone makes it to this forum, they are already owners or desperately want to be.

drp | 16. februar 2013

I like the idea of posting "private" since many can't read it. I feel like there has been an increase in the hostile posts lately. It is bothersome.

jbherman | 16. februar 2013

"Private" would be good. Make him put up his $5K if he wants to play.

Carefree | 16. februar 2013

The only problem with private is that there are lots of people interested in Tesla who just need that last piece of information to make a reservation. It would be a shame to punish those folks only because we have a single troll on this board. Just ignore him no matter what he says. That is more punishment for him than making threads private.

Hills | 16. februar 2013

The majority of the posters on this forum are highly intelligent and thoughtful. I sincerely feel that this forum has allowed me to learn so much about not only Model S, but also a variety of other subjects broader than Model S. When new people come onto the forum seeking help, many of us try to help. When someone repeatedly expresses biased negative view, they should be ignored. Many people want to learn about Tesla and don't have a login to see private threads.

portia | 17. februar 2013

just don't respond to any posts started by the troll, but many people don't frequent the forum won't know to avoid responding, so that's too bad. and he also hijack other people's threads. may ehe is paid to do ehat he does, I can't figure out his agenda either, but then I am a rather reasonable and rational person (most of the time) :)

jat | 17. februar 2013

He says he had a reservation and cancelled it. I wouldn't be surprised if it took a while for Tesla to revoke private thread access after cancellation (it took manually requesting permission for me to have access when I placed my reservation).

I agree with not responding to him, but other people feed the troll and new people showing up don't know he is a troll.

What we need is a troll flag on his account that everybody but him sees :).

jbherman | 17. februar 2013

Another forum I participate in automatically deletes a "troll's" posts (set by the forum administrator), but they appear for him when he's looking at the forum. He has no clue. All we see is "post deleted." It's been so pleasant ever since!

Tiebreaker | 17. februar 2013

There is a fun element in feeding the trolls, just don't stick your fingers in the cage.

However he (I'm sure it's a "he") craves attention. Arguing doesn't help, reasonIng even less, calling ownership experience is like calling mommy and doesn't really apply here - not owners' only forum, and everybody is entitled an opinion. Just ignore, flag inapropriate. Experience shows that most of the time the community effectively expells the trolls.

joey | 17. februar 2013

I couldn't figure out who was being so negative, but after 3 minutes of reading, i assume your troll will continue to "just do it"????

jat | 17. februar 2013

@joey - heh, you didn't take long to find the troll. | 17. februar 2013

How about every time anyone sees a post from the troll, we refuse to be bated, and simply state:

Please ignore ..... who only issues negative comments and is suspected of working for the competition or groups shorting Tesla stock (and hoping negative comments lowers Tesla's stock).

He may not go away, but it would alert others to this problem person.

yoda | 20. februar 2013

Go away it will not as it has nothing better to do than frequent the forum. Much humor in its persistence and linguistic skills there is.

cpetrush | 20. februar 2013

Sorry not so computer savvy but if each post is flagged as inappropriate, won't the poster eventually be blocked by a higher power?

Michael S | 20. februar 2013

You do realize that by posting this thread, you are making the individual you are talking about even MORE important (at least in his own eyes). Suggest deleting this thread and ignoring his posts.

Joshua Burstyn | 20. februar 2013

Oh well. Angry posts and negative publicity is a sure sign that Tesla well on the road to disruptive technology success!