What if you spend all your money on a Model S

What if you spend all your money on a Model S

Interesting use of the rear trunk footwell...

70D-Tesla | 01. desember 2015
tes-s | 01. desember 2015

You can live in a MS. You can't drive your apartment to work. If you have to choose between the two, the answer is obvious.

danCE | 01. desember 2015

70D - Been on vacation for a couple of weeks; wasn't able to follow the forum while I was gone.

mrspaghetti | 02. desember 2015

Actually the Model S is (ironically) the ideal car for a homeless person. Spacious and you can charge it for free at the superchargers.

PhillyGal | 02. desember 2015

My brother sent me this pic a few days ago. Got a nice little chuckle out of it.

Mike83 | 02. desember 2015

I've been trying to get my wife to go camping using the Tesla, I even got mats, sleeping bag, espresso machine, blender, etc. but she wants to have a jacuzzi which won't fit. That's our complaint.