What is it about BMW's wanting to race the car all the time?

What is it about BMW's wanting to race the car all the time?

For the second time in a week, a BMW has shot off of a stop light turing green like a bat out of hXXX to try and race our Model S. We haven't taken the bait yet but the first was an X3 (wheels squeeling and tires smoking) and the second this last Saturday and fairly new 645 convertible with the same squeeling and smoking tires. Does this happen to others?

sandman | 25. mars 2013

Haven't had that happen yet. Only 'race' I've had was vs. a friend's Cayman S. No one else wants to race or they don't know it is race-worthy. Live in Texas and have to say that a majority don't even know that the car is. One guy came up to me outside of a bar with a cig in his mouth(get away from my new car smell with that thing!) and said "hey, is that a fisker?" Ugh...

lolachampcar | 25. mars 2013

The target market is targeting back :)
They know what it is and are curious.

July10Models | 25. mars 2013

I can ignore those guys now. I am on the prowl for Ferraris.

NKYTA | 25. mars 2013

I had a little fun with a newer model 'vette they other day. Got a thumbs up from him after I'd taken him 2 out of 3 from 0-50. Two many other cars around for anything more than that. :-)

reitmanr | 25. mars 2013

I don't get challanged so much as tailgated. Mostly Bmws seem well mannered. Do our cars have some alluring scent that draws cars up our tailpipes? .....oh. ...we don't have tailpipes. Hmmm....?

carlk | 25. mars 2013

What is X3? :O)

Sanjuro | 25. mars 2013

With some high-end BMWs, this is how to keep up with a Model S from a standing start:

mdemetri | 25. mars 2013

Several years ago, in my old BMW 330i, a Subaru WRX STI (0-60 ~4.8sec) came from behind me and then passed me on the right before his lane ended despite me flooring it. The driver gave me that smile of "Ha Ha I beat you" look on his way past. I swore that one day I would revenge this disrespect. Fast forward to this weekend with me in my 2 week old Model S performance and deja vu, a Subaru WRX STI with a 20 something at the wheel tried to come from behind and pass me on the right before his lane ended, but I slammed the door shut with instant torque. He did not like that and kept on trying to get passed me, but the Model S performance and instant torque would not let it happen. After several lights, we finally came side by side at a light. He started reving his engine to very high rpm, presumably so that he would be at maximum rpm/torque when the light turned green. I decided that I needed to put this fellow back in his place for good and nailed it when the light turned green. Needless to say, the P85 easily dispatched the Subaru WRX STI and after that he no longer challenged me. Revenge completed.

GLO | 26. mars 2013

It really is very funny the reactions out there to the car. A couple of days after we got our car in January it was a souped up pickup with two teenagers trying to race the car. We really don't invite this type of behavior but I always have a knowing chuckle when we get this type of "challenge".

BYT | 26. mars 2013

Have you heard the joke, How is a porcupine and a BMW different? On a porcupine the pricks are on the outside... ;)

StefanT | 26. mars 2013

I have gotten a few challenges, or erratic behavior, from a BMW but I haven't been motivated to respond. Late one night I was at a traffic light on a more rural road when fancy diesel pickup pulled up next to me. When the light turned green he got about 100 feet in front of me, came to almost a stop, then accelerated in a huge cloud of tire and diesel smoke. I accelerated fairly hard to minimize time in the smoke and found I could easily maintain about 100 feet between the vehicles. Once he got to 65 he slowed down to 15 and repeated the stunt back up to 85. I stayed 100 feet from him the whole time. By the third time he tried there were headlight a ways behind me so I didn't follow. Turns out it was a state trooper who sped past me (and my tagless temporary registration) and pulled over the pickup. Doubt the pickup driver had any idea about the car other than it looked foreign.

s_curve | 26. mars 2013

Obviously compensating for something.

- Former 5 series owner

JZ13 | 26. mars 2013

@July10Models - be careful what you wish for. Modern Ferrari's (since 2011) will smoke an S off the line. However the S will have a very slight advantage off the line vs. a 430 and will beat any prior model Ferrari. The 430 will pull away from an S at higher speeds.

@sanjuro, The S will beat the M series BMW's even with launch control.

@mdemetri - great story about getting your revenge.

I trounced a modern corvette last weekend and it was an absolute pleasure. The guy was in a convertible yellow vette and was driving aggressively. His license plate said CME2HT. Light turned green and his car made a LOT of noise but still ended up in my rear view mirror. When I slowed down to give him the customary wave, he stayed behind me and turned off the road. Haha. The jerk couldn't stand to face me.

exPGAhacker | 26. mars 2013

A car rolled up to a stoplight beside me on Sunday. I wasn't paying attention until the light went green and this guy tore off the line. I tore back and quickly was out ahead. The challenger... a silver Fisker. It was a wonderful moment driving my "non-performance" MS.

Sanjuro | 26. mars 2013

@JZ13 I agree, launch control on a M series is such a kludge - imagine having to go through all that and still get smoked.

In contrast, 'launch control' for a Model S requires just one step:

GLO | 26. mars 2013

I do find these guys curious. It must be a 'compensating" thing...LOL! Compensating for their BMWs!

sergiyz | 27. mars 2013

It's painful to watch all he trouble they have to go through just to extract that blue smoke from their tires with pretty much zero effect.

JZ13 | 27. mars 2013

Sanjuro I missed the meaning of your Original Post but now I get it. Well said. :)

DarrellH | 15. april 2013

I haven't had anyone try to take on my wife's Model S. However, my Roadster has had 4 years of challenges. The funniest one was from an old guy with a sad, clapped-out, sack-of-walnuts Taurus.

At the light he zoomed away so I floored it, caught up and passed him with ease.

He caught up to us at the next light LONG after I stopped for the red. When the light went green, I just left him behind.

Once again he caught me at the next stop but he came in a bit hot and stopped well into the intersection. He backed up out of the intersection.

When the light went green, I took off and never saw him again. We don't know for sure but we think he left the Taurus in reverse. When he hit the accelerator, he nailed the car behind him and added several more dents to his car.

Btrflyl8e | 15. april 2013

Oh man, I'm in trouble. No matter how old I get I just cannot ignore a challenge off the line. It cost me my license twice as a teenager...and sounds like it could again when I take delivery next month! | 15. april 2013

I find the most likely "challengers" are the pseudo-monster trucks in the Denver area. Must be a low T/high truck thing :o).

I usually get approving nods from the BMW & Porsche drivers...

dstiavnicky | 16. april 2013

There is definitely a pattern between what people drive and their reaction to the MS. I think we should perform a controlled study in the interest of human understanding (maybe we can apply for a grant?)

Anyways, here's what I've noticed in highway driving...

BMW approach quickly, check it out appreciatively, most would chase if you accelerate hard

Audi approach very quickly, pretend not to notice it, accelerate hard before you can

Mercedes oddly, they stay away... kinda like an alpha dog knowing it's getting old

Porsche they seem to think they are equals somehow, Panamera's likely very embarrassed by their design deformation

Jaguar clearly feel threatened, unless the owner is too old to notice (which is likely)

Nearly everybody else Clueless

Given what I've seen. I would bet that over 50% of MS future sales will come from BMW owners.