What is missing?

What is missing?

Am I missing something on the web site? There seem to be a few things missing on an otherwise technological marvel. No adaptive cruise. No blind spot monitoring (LOVE this feature on my Jeep when I'm changing lanes). Do the headlights turn with the steering wheel? (Another feature I never wanted to live without again after getting used to them on my Porsche). Ventilated seats (a must for staying cool in the hot summer). In your opinion, what else should be there that isn't available yet?

Jolinar | 12. april 2013

Adaptive cruise and blind spot monitoring really missing, but I think headlights turns with steering wheel.
Parking sensors are not available in US yet, but in EU it is already possible to get them.

booman | 12. april 2013

park assist, but that will be solved (for me anyways) with something aftermarket.

olanmills | 12. april 2013

This has been discussed many times, and I'm not going to list everything that some person might consider missing, but suffice it to say, yes, if you were to shop around other car brands with the same amount of money that you would spend on a Model S, you will find features that the Model S doesn't have.

The Model S is a new type of vehicle from a new company with a new production process.

There are definitely some tradeoffs of being an early adopter.

I am sure that whatever descendant of the Model S that will exist in 10 or 15 years will have a better features:price ratio.

jat | 12. april 2013

The headlights don't turn, but with the premium exterior lighting you get side lights that come on when you turn that direction.

As @olanmills says -- if those things are the most important thing to you, then don't buy the Model S. None of those other cars has an electric power train and instant torque at 0rpm like the Model S does either, so pick which things you care about. | 12. april 2013

Almost everything you might want can be retrofitted with third-party solutions. I suspect you'll find many unnecessary, but it's just what you're used to and really want. For example, I wanted front parking sensors. I added them myself for about $100 - a nice weekend project that looks like original equipment.

That said, the key fundamentals are SO much better than any other car, items you might seem to miss become quite minor. If you want to see (and vote on) on a long list of possible items, specific for the model S, see:, but if you focus on what's missing (on any car, not just the MS), you'll overlook what the car is all about.