When was first supercharger installed?

When was first supercharger installed?

Was wondering how long it has taken to reach this point in the supercharger network.
Just curious, when was the first supercharger installed for Tesla owners?

Brian H | 29. mars 2014

I think end of Sept., 2012. or thereabouts.

negarholger | 29. mars 2014

Go to the map... under data etc there is a list and graph

Dauger | 30. mars 2014

September 25, 2012, was when the first public rollout of the first set of Superchargers, primarily in California. They had a big event:

Yours truly was glad to attend.

TomServo | 31. mars 2014

Holding off until there is better mid-west coverage. I need to get from southern Illinois to northern Arkansas. Currently there is no coverage.

Anxiously waiting in Illinois