When will final models be in showrooms for viewing?

When will final models be in showrooms for viewing?

I had heard earlier that the Tesla showrooms were being closed for a week or so in March and would reopen as Model S decorated, including new, final versions for viewing, followed by test rides in June. Anybody have more info on this?

cybercop | 17. april 2012

I got a call from Tesla yesterday (unsolicited, but welcome, unlike almost every other unsolicited communication I get). I asked specifically when I can bring a few my buddies to see the release candidate. He said they hope to have one in DC by the end of the month. So it is soon.

I also asked what versions will be available for test drives (in June). He said the official word is they do not know, but would ask about air suspension and Performance versions. Frankly, while I would expect to see tesla try to put its best foot forward by having loaded versions for the test drives, I am most interested in seeing the base model. I know the $100,000 car is going to be spectacular, but is the $50,000 one going to be great, even if a little less so than the loaded model.