When will Summon come to Europe?

When will Summon come to Europe?

Was wondering when we can expect Summon to work in Europe? Just installed the update today - which is a great improvement - but was sad to see the Summon function had not been enabled yet ;-(
Do have Spotify now though... whoop whoop!

tahir.munir.94 | 13. januar 2016

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I guess the answer to your question is "soon".

hd | 01. mars 2016

It's here. I'm in Denmark and just summoned my S 90D. Really strange, but cool experience collaboratively controlling your empty car with some AI - from the outside. Now I just need to find out for which situations I will be using it. Nice to know it was not a regulation issue but a staged roll-out of a "sensitive" feature.

martin | 01. mars 2016

I think it WAS a regulation issue (at least in Germany). Rollout is underway now and when I receive my car in 6 weeks it will be included. The issue apparently had to do with how to emergeny interrupt the process. It obviously was a minor software issue.
The new Mercedes E comes with the very same feature!

pguich | 01. mars 2016

Received .126 update today. Summon now available in Switzerland as well. Unfortunately, I can't think of too many situations where I will be using it, but it's cool nonetheless.

nrao | 01. mars 2016

Received Summon update today in Norway

Johann @IS | 01. mars 2016

European version of Summon does not allow you to use the fob, so it's useless to me.

LegalCounsel | 01. mars 2016

Summon available in Finland as well, I received version 2.12.126. Other minor improvements include better Spotify reliability in low coverage areas, improved cold weather regen, and saving the creep mode setting to the driver profile.

obhi | 03. mars 2016

Received version 2.12.126 but the release notes say that it is not yet possible to use the Summon feature in Belgium. Tantalising! I wonder what happens if we drive across the border into Germany or the Netherlands, where it seems to be allowed ... ?