When will we see new interior?

When will we see new interior?

I have heard through a combination of rumors that they are re-designing the interior. Possibly w center console, possibly a re-do of the arm rests/cup-holders that no one seemed too enthused about (I heard those were MB scrap bin parts.) Anyone seen or heard anything? I notice that Tesla has gradually removed most if not all the interior photos from their website.

brianman | 21. januar 2012

I realize it's just a shadow, but when I was looking at a thumbnail it looked like a two-tone steering wheel. Just thought it was interesting enough to share...

dborn | 21. januar 2012

I too like the saddle or darker brown leather. Maybe Tesla reads these posts and maybe not. One sure way to get the message across is to write to the customer advocates. They are, in my experience, responsive.

Brian H | 22. januar 2012

The C-X16 is, by its own description, a sports car. Not even close to apples and apples, more like apples and pecans.

Slindell | 22. januar 2012

Wow, is that CX-16 interior ugly. The center console looks like a $25 knock-off video game. From 1990.

Of course, the best thing about looking a still pictures of Jags is that they can photo-shop delete all the major pieces that fall off every few minutes. Have you seen the latest Consumer Reports review on Jaguar? Do not spend a dolloar/pound/euro on them.

Back to Tesla: a saddle-brown lether options would be nice. But I'd probably keep the tan. Looks really good with a green or red exterior.

DrJ | 23. januar 2012

I have to diagree with mycroft on this. I think the lack of storage/center console wiill only get more irritating as time goes on. Once the inital "wow I finally got my electric car" feeling wears off, things that affect your every day use start to become glaringly apparent. When the center divider/plastic runners/ whatever you want to call it start collecting sunglasses, parking ids, valet tickets, dust, it is going to look like a junked up minivan on the inside.

discoducky | 23. januar 2012

We currently use our center console in much the same we we use our "junk droor" in the kitchen. Same goes for the glove box (there are no gloves in there, but a ton of junk).

I'm hoping we can be more organized and not use the car in that way. The experiment will be to clean out those things, organize the safety stuff (paper maps, tire guage, flashlight...etc) into the trunk. Then see how long we can go without putting anything in each space to figure out what our needs are.

I think all we really need is a trash bag.

David70 | 23. januar 2012

OT warning.

This reminds me of a humor item in Reader's Digest a number of decades ago. This is only from memory, but following is the gist of the item.

A father driving on a family vacation enters a national park. After getting entry, the park ranger asks the driver if he had a litter bag. Looking around at all the kids, etc. he replies "Yes. I'm driving it."

petero | 23. januar 2012

Time out, what am I missing? I have owned 5 luxury cars and I have worked at a BMW and an Audi (Jeep and Subaru) dealerships. I have been reading forum members being critical of the Beta interior (dash and console). So, I scoped the 2012 Mercedes S, BMW 5 Series, Audi 6, Jaguar XF, Panamera…and frankly I wasn’t blown away. They all look very similar, nothing all that special. To me, the “S’s”interior is looking pretty stand out in comparison.

So … enlighten me! What is so great about the Europeans, and thank you I have heard quite enough about lack of center console, cupholders, and the 17” screen. Everything can be better (especially me) except my wife, she IS perfect.

stephen.kamichik | 23. januar 2012

What a coincidence! My wife is also perfect.

brianman | 23. januar 2012

This is the part where Peter and Stephen have lunch, and mention their wives' commentaries about the Model S only to discover that both wives have the same maiden name.

David M. | 23. januar 2012

best laugh of the day!

ThomasN | 23. januar 2012

That was beautiful

brianman | 23. januar 2012

Regarding the thread title...

Maybe we should start taking bets again.

"When will see the updated/final interior?"
- 01/23/2012
- 01/24/2012
- 06/30/2012
- 07/01/2012

I'm going to go with 04/01/2012, because it opens up the door to hilarity in the thread posts.

DrJ | 23. januar 2012

Got this quote from my Tesla advocate. Unfortunately it is as straight-forward as I am when my wife starts asking how much this Signature thingy is going to cost...

"At the moment there is not much light I can shed on interior design besides what you have seen. Model S is still in the development stage, so changes are possible. As you said in your email, everything will be finalized when the design studio is put online. The idea is to keep the interior of Model S as open and free as possible. Without a driveshaft or transmission tunnel, we no longer need to fill the center of the vehicle with stuff. This allows an unprecedented amount of interior space that our owners can really customize to their own needs."

Just thought I'd share. Let the interpretations begin....

Mycroft | 23. januar 2012

In other words, no center console. Let the hand wringing and teeth gnashing begin...

ckessel | 23. januar 2012

All I care is that it is comfortable. I'm fine with open, but I'll want a good arm rest and a place to rest my knee against on long drives, which typically has meant a center console. If Tesla can make it comfortable some other way, then I'm good with that.

Jason S | 23. januar 2012

"This allows an unprecedented amount of interior space that our owners can really customize to their own needs."

Glass-half-full-guy says this means we can pay extra for options to go into that spot!

Volker.Berlin | 24. januar 2012

I'm with Jason S. Mycroft (and the "vast majority" ;-), if a center console is what defines "your own needs" then according to the words of that customer advocate, you will have the option to add a center console. In my eyes, there is no other interpretation possible of "owners can really customize to their own needs". You're a (future) owner, center console is your need, what more do you need to know?

Volker.Berlin | 24. januar 2012

Remember how Elon likes to mention that he is all for nice surprises and still has an ace or two up his sleeve? Well, if the interior is customizable to an extent unheard-of in the auto industry, that would qualify as a nice surprise, wouldn't it? If you were Elon, would you rather give it away 9 months in advance (Oct 1 event) or would you try to keep it secret until the last moment (April this year, or whenever final orders have to be signed)?

The minimalistic/simplistic interior that was published with the Betas may just as well be a "teaser" that makes the surprise even more welcome in the end...

Caveat: 100% pure speculation.

Timo | 24. januar 2012

I really hope that Jason S interpretation of that post is correct. It sounds like tweaking with the center space is something you can do. Some sort of modular design I guess (hope).

mwu | 24. januar 2012

What does a customizable interior do for the NHTSA testing? Do they have to run tests with each interior option if it changes the dimensions of the interior (ie with / without center console)?

brianman | 24. januar 2012

@Volker.Berlin - It would be lovely if a "nice surprise" was spent in this concern area of Model S. Far more lovely than a 4.3 or 5.5 0-60.

Jason S | 24. januar 2012

Re: NHTSA testing -- I recall somebody saying they can't move the airbags 1 millimeter once testing has started.

However... center console isn't safety equipment. If NHTSA could be convinced that center console changes aren't pertinent to the safety of the car (and that seems reasonable) then changes can be made.

For instance: I don’t think changes in seat covering or even seat design (except airbags, of course) make a difference to the testing. I doubt extra leather on dash or carbon fiber there makes a difference either. So why not different console designs?

Brian H | 25. januar 2012

Jason S.;
That has to be true, otherwise they'd have to crash-test every possible combo of options, however minor and cosmetic. They'd have to take the wrecks away in convoys of tractor-trailers!

JoeFee | 26. januar 2012

I like the idea of "nice surprise" (maybe a new thread?) and also think Elon will have a few for us in the coming months (remember your Tesla gift packs and the Performance S announcement at the ride event!!!).

How about:

$1,500 (since they like that number!) in upgrade credit for everyone who buys in 2012 to smooth over all the issues with the option/pricing/standard equipment roll-out.

That would be nice :)

brianman | 26. januar 2012

I'm adjusting my guess:

I think we'll see the next version of the interior on February 2nd. And then we'll see the final version on April 1st.