Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

I have a couple long drives I undertake and came up with a list that would be convenient for me. Somehow I think Tesla will take a wider array of people into account :)

Here is where I would like to see them (for my personal convenience of course :) )
North Bay, ON
Barrie, ON
Stratford, ON
Niagara, Falls, ON
Erie, PA
Morgantown, WV
Beckley, WV
Charlotte or Statesville, NC

I actually anticipate Tesla will concentrate their super chargers in/near their hottest U.S. markets (at least initially), but I can dream about them being in more out of the way places.

Where would they suit you best?

DTsea | 11. februar 2013

Brian H, I beg to differ. Having paid the $2k for the supercharger on my 60 kWh car, I think the expectation is 150 mile spacing, not 200 miles- and I expect SC access to accommodate all the owners who paid extra for it. As seen by the NY times knucklehead, in the winter 200+ mi spacing is too far anyway even for 85 kWh.

Longer spacing encourages longer charge times and ties up the SC spots... that's why they say '150 mi in 30 min' since after that charge rate slows down. So 150 mi spacing seems rational... and the 60 kWh is designed to work with that.

Brian H | 12. februar 2013

Civilization may have other ideas. Eh-heh-hehhehhehhehheh! You've been isolated for a reason, you know.

Darmok | 12. februar 2013

+1 DTsea

jat | 12. februar 2013

@DTsea - I agree with the 150mi spacing, but you have to expect taking a 60kWh car on a long trip is going to be more hassle than a 85kWh one. For starters, you will have to charge longer at each Supercharger, and you will have less flexibility of leaving the path of Superchargers.

Brian H | 12. februar 2013

where did I suggest 200mi. spacing? 150 mi. is the standard, designed to approximate a 50% 85kWh fill-up. Remember, TM was reluctant to include S/C in the 60s, and did so only under considerable pressure -- and made no commitment to adjust the S/C network to accommodate them. It is a long-distance cross-country travel network, and 60kWh cars are not marketed or intended for that purpose.

If individual owners want to try and stretch it, and use Level II and other resources as well, and so on, that's their affair. But nobody owes them a living. And their slower filling rate and frequent need to top up is a drag and clog in the system.

Brian H | 12. februar 2013

The only mention I see of 200-mi. spacing is one page back, gammd. Making the most of the fewest stations. But charge time is disproportionately higher with wider separation. (ESPECIALLY for 60kWh cars.) Not optimum.

kristian.skogstroem | 12. februar 2013

In Norway:
1 between Oslo and Trondheim
1 between Oslo and Bergen
1 between Oslo and Stavanger
1 in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger

Mark Z | 14. februar 2013

The coast to coast SuperCharger highway will allow cross country travel for drivers where the corridor is created. I travel between LA and OKC on occasion and the current 1350 mile trip takes about 21 hours. The Escalade requires about 4 fuel stops. At least 4 food stops and an overnight stay adds comfort to the journey. Add in a few rest stops especially at night.

If the SuperCharger stations are 150 to 200 miles apart, then 7 charge stops are needed. A estimate of the dots on the Tesla map plus other rumored data give the following rough estimates with the mileage to the station:

Barstow 106 (add 30 from LA)
Kingman 205
Flagstaff 148
Lupton (AZ NM stateline) 163
Albuquerque 162
Tucumcari 172
McLean 184
OKC 185

My Lupton, AZ "rest stop" guess is not a quality location unless a 24 hour restaurant is added. The dots on the Tesla map are not ideal due to grades in and out of Albuquerque. I would suggest installing at Holbrook 91, Grants 157, Albuquerque 82, Santa Rosa 114, Amarillo 172, Elk City 148, and OKC 112 instead. This would total 9 stops instead of 7. Adding a ChargeStation between Barstow and Kingman could avoid a detour through Las Vegas during cold weather.

bsimoes | 14. februar 2013

I'm wondering if we did some legwork for Tesla, would that help get more superchargers placed? From what I've read, it sounds like the problem is not the cost of the equipment, but, instead, gaining access to appropriate locations. We may know of possible ideal locations that would help them out. For example, there is a fairly large "park and ride" on a major highway (route 7- Middlebury--major travel route for tourists and ski/boarders nearby that would not be on Tesla's "radar" but is heavily traveled. What if we contacted owners and asked them if they would be interested in "hosting" a supercharger? We could be the liasons, working through Tesla and local business owners. I guess we would need information such as costs for property owners, insurance concerns...Do the owners of the property need to pick up the cost of the electricity being used? I know that they are all to be solar eventually, but I don't think that they are now.

Carefree | 14. februar 2013

From what I have heard and read the issue has to do with getting the appropriate approvals for the SCs. Even Harris Ranch was reluctant initially to allow them to install the SC - of course that has changed now:-)

Brian H | 14. februar 2013

I believe TM is actively seeking suggestions and even "deals". But the electricity is a matter for Solar City. They pay for it all, and recoup their costs (overall, on a yearly basis) by erecting arrays producing excess power which they sell to the utilities concerned. An individual site might or might not have any arrays; that doesn't matter. It's the overall system which "works" financially.

kevonandmarion | 20. februar 2013


shs | 21. februar 2013

Mariposa, on the way to Yosemite!

RonaldA | 21. februar 2013

Lets not forget NYC to Toronto.

kevonandmarion | 21. februar 2013

Auburn, Monterey, Yosemite, Truckee, San Francisco

jdb | 21. februar 2013

Ft. Pierce, Florida near junction of Florida Turnpike and I95. That would allow trips between Orlando and Miami, also between Miami and Space Coast area.

contact | 03. mars 2013

Primm, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

baddtz | 03. mars 2013

Vacaville ca
Auburn ca
Truckee ca
Monterey ca

Joel N. Weber II | 03. mars 2013

Is the 10 bay at Harris Ranch configuration that's expected better than putting in 2, 4, or 6 bay charging stations at closer intervals to get the same total number of charging bays over several hundred miles of highway?

Electron | 03. mars 2013

Joel, better or not I think the reality is that it is easier to expand existing sites than to get approval for and provision a new site. For now it will be the minimal set of sites they think can cover the important routes.

jbunn | 03. mars 2013

Joel, I think smaller stations, closer together, but Harris is unique. Its the only "destination" around on the vast wasteland that is i5 to la. Well, actual great scenery with the aquafer and fruit groves but not much else...

Darmok | 03. mars 2013

@Electron, I-5 is a good example of what you state for another reason, as there are not a lot of places to stop along I-5 with anything to do or eat. I would personally prefer that efforts be made to put the SCs in places with something to do and expand at those locations as needed.

kiddidoc | 03. mars 2013

Along Pacific Coast Highway,
I-5 from San Diego to Seattle

washizawa | 04. mars 2013

In the Harrah's Casino parking lot in South Lake Tahoe. It is a big parking lot so good signage will be very helpful. Killing a few hours in the casino is a ho brainer or even an hour for a nice meal. If you choose Harvey's casino, that's ok also but we gamble in Harrahs more often.

Earl and Nagin ... | 05. mars 2013

I'd like to see them strung out along I-90, I-80, I-70, and I-10 from coast to coast but bias their spacing so that they are at the intersections of major north-south interstates to enable north-south travel.
I also hope that Tesla works out deals with major hotel chains (Marriott? Hilton?) to install 240v charging stations for overnight charging at hotels.
I make it a habit to ask the managers of every hotel I stay at for business whether they have a charging station. I usually show them the public charging stations in their area and tell them that as soon as a hotel in their area has a charging station, I'll have to stay there the next time.
The reception to the idea tends to usually be fairly warm.

drjain06 | 05. mars 2013

Need super chargers on I80/90 from Chicago heading east! It's barren out there, as I just drove from Chicago to Toledo with some serious range anxiety!

Earl and Nagin ... | 05. mars 2013

If you think its barren headed east out of Chicago, you should try heading west out of there sometime :-)
Seriously, though, I agree that east out of Chicago should be first since that is where it will affect the most people. This will increase demand faster.

Joel N. Weber II | 06. mars 2013

Near the intersection of I-5 and highway 58 in Buttonwillow, CA, seemingly halfway between Harris Ranch and LA, Google Maps suggests one can find food at Willow Ranch, McDonald's, Subway, Taste of India, or Quiznos. Why not put a supercharger at one or more of these restrauants?

(ICE drivers have access to at least three different brands of fuel in that area.)

Darmok | 06. mars 2013

That exit near Buttonwillow is a good exit with lots of stuff, but it's only 40 miles north of the chargers at Tejon Ranch.

Earl and Nagin ... | 07. mars 2013

@Joel N. Weber II and Darmok,
It doesn't make sense for Tesla to spend a lot of money on that location since they have the nearby Tejon and Harris Ranch locations. However, it might make sense for the merchants at that exit to put in a 70 amp Level 2 charger if they want to attract Tesla's. If you frequent those stops a lot, you might want to suggest it to the managers of the various establishments. They can probably install an HPWC or Clipper Creek CS-100 for under $3K.

KeithE | 07. mars 2013

NJ Garden State Parkway please!! This is one of the most highly trafficked roads running north/south from NY to Ocean City, NJ Tesla seems to be focused on the Delaware to Connecticut supercharger rout along I-95 which is completely understandable. I hope they add 2 in NJ. One on I-95 near Woodbridge or East Brunswick and another on Garden State Parkway near Brick, NJ enabling long trips along the Jersey Shore. Please chime I. If you live in NJ. Thx!

RanjitC | 04. april 2013

If I had the money to invest I would place DC fast chargers approximately 100 mi apart and would not care if they are a short distance from Tesla superchargers. People who dont want to wait for six cars in line ahead of them at the supercharger would not mind paying me say $20 an hour to add 150 mi range and have enough power to reach my next station even with headwinds.That price is still better than gas. I'm thinking of the guy who reached the Barstow SC after I had just plugged in who had to wait for an hour 20 bucks is not much for people who buy large luxury cars (see

dbbtex | 04. april 2013

I45 between Dallas and Houston.

Then I35 between Austin and Dallas.

stimeygee | 04. april 2013

Route 17 in Middletown, NY - good spot, halfway up to the Catskills.

Or possible 287N in NY between the Tappan Zee Bridge and Route 17 - good interchange for traffic in that entire area.

Ezappia | 04. april 2013

Irvine/El Toro CA at the 5/405 split.
Palm Springs, CA.
My garage.

AMR | 04. april 2013

I 75 northern Michigan to southern Florida
Chicago to NewYork via Detroit and Toronto

negarholger | 04. april 2013

@Earl and Nagin ... there are two potential strategies (a) build many stalls in a few locations or build less stalls in more locations.
The 58 intersection makes a lot of sense, because it takes the some load of Harris and Tejon. All the LV travel from the Bay Area doesn't have to detour over Tejon and 58 to Gilroy is doable in a 85 kWh (Tejon to Golroy is doable, but not for the faint of heart)
Not that the folks in CA should complain of not having enough SC, but as a long term strategy I think more locations is the better solution.

ericallyn | 05. april 2013

I-90 NYS Thruway in Albany and Buffalo. Tremendous traffic going across I-90 from Boston to Ohio....

bbryant | 05. april 2013

I-5 Canada to Mexico

and on to SF

Jamon | 05. april 2013

101 in San Luis Obispo

alsettesla | 05. april 2013

I83 in Harrisburg, PA

Chunky Jr. | 05. april 2013

There needs to be at least one on 101 between SF and LA. There is one in Gilroy, so perhaps San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara?

Hodne | 05. april 2013

Uddevalla/Torp, along the E6 between Oslo, Norway and gothenburg, Sweden.

Earl and Nagin ... | 05. april 2013

Agreed for the long term. Essentially, just like gas stations, every major intersection of heavily traveled roads is a good place for a Supercharger.
It just makes sense for this initial rollout to focus on covering where most of the customers go most, first, then move toward increasing capacity and convenience.

GenIIIBuyer | 05. april 2013

This would be really fun to solve as an Operations Research optimization problem. Kudos to the person at Tesla that is solving it!

Some really good suggestions above. As someone who's lived in DC, NYC, and Boston. It wouldn't take too many locations to enable all the weekend getaway drives.

My suggestion would be:

P1)Cheasapeake Bridge (DC to Delaware shore beach trips)
P1)Somewhere along Long Island (Hamptons)
P1)Concord, NH (Boston ski weekend)

P2) Hagerstown, MD (DC ski daytrip or weekend)
P2) I-95 between Fredericksburg and Richmond, VA

P3) Harrisburg, PA
P3) Scranton, PA

tonysled | 05. april 2013

I would personally like to see I-75 near Atlanta and along I-16 between Macon,GA and Savanna/I95. If there is going to be a service center in Marietta GA, why not have a few supercharger bays there? Also, I-40 across the southern US would make sense.

rochec | 05. april 2013

Dallas, TX
Abilene, TX
Midland, TX
El Paso, TX
Lordsburg, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Blythe, AZ
Palm Springs, CA

That will get you from LA to Dallas and then the network that is coming in TX and is already in CA would get you all around CA and TX, and back and forth.

jkirkebo | 05. april 2013

Hodne: Agree on Uddevalla/Torp. By the mall is a perfect location, 211km (131 miles) from Oslo.

The next one could be located in Halmstad, 217km/135 miles from Torp. From Halmstad you can reach most of Skjælland (part of Denmark) and an ideal location for the next one would be Køge. From there you can reach most of Denmark (all of it with a 85kWh car in summer) and large parts of Germany.

Alex K | 05. april 2013

@rochec | APRIL 5, 2013: Lordsburg, AZ[...] That will get you from LA to Dallas[...]

I think you mean Lordsburg, NM

Omg_Tesla | 05. april 2013

I would like to see some superchargers in San Jose, San Francisco, Concord, Vacaville, and Santa Cruz California