Which car(s) is present in the Park Meadows show room ?

Which car(s) is present in the Park Meadows show room ?

Since I'll be travelling to Denver in 4 weeks, I will for sure visit the Park Meadows store in order to admire the Model S in real life. Living in Europe, that is as close as I will get for a while.

Looking at the events list however, I see no longer anything listed for that store and at the same time there is the Canadian tour going on. I've sent an inquiring e-mail to the Park Meadows store but never got a reply.

Has anybody recently visited the store and can tell me whether a Model S and/or a Model X is present ? And if anybody will visit the store in the next days or weeks, can he/she ask the store manager whether there will be a Model S on display during the week of June 11 ?


Crow | 14. kan 2012

I don't know if they know yet. There is a white one there now until June 1st. | 14. kan 2012

They have a Model S Beta on display at Park Meadows

haansberger | 15. kan 2012

@Kroneal : that's exactly my concern ! Imagine me travelling all the way out of Europe to find that there's no Model S on display that week. Talking about disappointment !
Anybody passing there in the near future who can ask ?

Brian H | 15. kan 2012

"during the week of June 11 ?"
No, they'll all be out on the road being test driven by Sig reservers! :D You might talk someone into letting you ride in the back seat, though. ;)

haansberger | 15. kan 2012

@BrianH : No problem. If you let me ride along, I´ll happily introduce you to some great belgian beers ;-)

haansberger | 15. kan 2012

Just received a message from Kelly Ryan, the asistant store manager of the Park Meadows store, confirming that a Model S will be present. Way to go Tesla !

Very exited to finally see the car in person ! Coooool !

Crow | 15. kan 2012

I am hoping it is a performance model.

haansberger | 16. kan 2012

@Kroneal : Why is that? Are you gonna visit as well? Or need some info on it ?

Brian H | 16. kan 2012

haansberger | May 15, 2012 new
Very exited to finally see the car in person ! Coooool !

Don't exit already! You'll miss the excitement.

Crow | 16. kan 2012

I am close to the store and have seen the 2 different betas they had on display there. They have had number 22 and 43, I think. If they get a RC or the performance I will definitely come take a look. | 16. kan 2012

Just got a blast email from Tesla saying I should check out the new Model S Beta being delivered to Park Meadows....

haansberger | 17. kan 2012

@ Brian H - thanks for the typo correction and no worries, not thinking about exiting :-)
@ kjreillypsyd - got the same email today. Wauw, talking about timing ;-)
@ Kroneal - I'll race you to see the new Beta first ;-) | 17. kan 2012

You will find all the staff at the Park Meadows store friendly & helpful. Safe travels.

Crow | 17. kan 2012

Bet I win.

haansberger | 12. juni 2012

Visited the Park Meadows store yesterday and must pass a sincere thank you to Kelly and associates. We had a superb welcome, knowledgable tour of the car and answers to all of our questions. We our so jealous of all you Americans for getting the car about 1 year ahead of us Europeans, cause after seeing the Model S up close now, I'm even more convinced : WHAT A CAR !!!