White Leather Interior - Still available?

White Leather Interior - Still available?

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I would run with a white leather interior that I selected on the UK configurator. I've since checked the configurator and white leather has disappeared. Does anyone know if white leather is still available?

I love the car, but the interior choices are a bit limiting. I like white or saddle. Grey is a bit boring, black is inevitable, but not for me. Tan is too light, and the headlining not a great match some for the available colours.

It certainly won't put me off the car, but it's a pity the colour choice is so restricted.

jat | 24. november 2013

I thought white leather was always exclusive to Signature models.

Mel. | 24. november 2013

jat,, you are correct.

Captain_Zap | 24. november 2013

I have a white interior.

I found that the tan is very similar to the white when I went to an event and looked at the newer cars. The original proposed tan that I saw was much darker and more orangey. That is no longer the case from what I saw.

The white is really more like a buff color. The tan is a few shades darker, but not much. You can hardly tell the difference unless you are in full sunlight.

The color contrast was gorgous and it matched the alcantara headliner well.

Brian H | 24. november 2013

Long ago there was a big push to get saddle, which failed.

eddiegill | 25. november 2013

Thanks guys,

I haven't yet seen Model S up-close, but I have a test drive in London set for January, and I'm really looking forward to it.

By the way, for those who are interested, it is possible to re-colour leather seats (even black to white). I had this professionally done in my 928 many years ago, and the result was perfect. If I can't get a white leather interior, then I might go for a metallic brown car with tan interior, then tone-down the tan to a saddle leather colour. It isn't a difficult process, and from my experience, the result is showroom standard.

c.bussert67 | 25. november 2013

I'm with Zap. I have the white in Sig S. I saw a 'fresh' black S a few weeks ago and at first glance I thought it had the white interior which surprised me. It may have been the grey because I see white is not an option since production cars took over. I think the grey is much lighter than the on line configurator makes it out to be. Plus the white is not a stark white, so it is a slight color change between the two. They have swatches of fabric at the stores you can see if you are able to visit one. I think the grey in contrast to a black interior panel looks more white...

Captain_Zap | 25. november 2013

I looked at both the grey and the tan and compared them to the Signature White. At first I thought it was the grey that looked closest to the "white" until I compared it to the samples on the wall at the showroom. It wasn't the case. Tan was closer.

The biggest difference between the Tan and the Gray is apparent when looking at the piping on the Performance seats. Those new performance seats are gorgeous. It is enough to create some Signature envy. The European Signatures may have the newer design with extra accents too.

It turns out that it was the tan that was looking closest to the white and it has the same piping as the Signature White. I think it boils down to whether you want a warm tone or a cool tone when choosing between the tan and grey so that it best matches (or contrasts) with the rest of your car's color scheme.

Brian H | 25. november 2013

Re-colour the seats, huh? Lessee, lime green leather with orange piping, in a red car ... the possibilities are endless! ;p

eddiegill | 25. november 2013

Ha Ha! Brian. I wouldn't go that far, although some might. I want my car to be stylish :-) I've always loved the Jaguar London Tan colour for leather. I was actually going to buy a new XJ until I fell in love with the Model S. It's actually quite easy to tone down the colour of the Tesla leather seats to achieve a Saddle colour. The trimmer takes out the seats and trim panels and sprays them with a leather dye. The result is permanent and is showroom standard.

If anyone in the UK wants a Saddle colour in their Tesla, I can recommend a good trimmer who can do the job for around £2000.

Brian H | 25. november 2013

I thought saddle was a darker mid-brown. That's what was being discussed earlier.


JoeFee | 25. november 2013

Sig white seats are the only perfect match to the header, etc and are no longer available. I think they will return in MS 2.0, since the Sig was sold with the exclusive pitch.

eddiegill | 26. november 2013

This is the tone of leather I am aiming for. It looks really luxurious up close and should look really cool with a metallic brown paint.

AmpedRealtor | 26. november 2013

The beige in the Tesla Gallery, which was a pre-production or early production vehicle, was rather yellow. I'm glad to hear they lightened it up. If I were ordering again, I would probably get the beige.

Kauai | 26. november 2013

Another plus of the Signature white interior is color matching safety belt straps. All other colors get black straps.

Captain_Zap | 26. november 2013

I didn't realize that, Kauai. Interesting observation. I've only had loaners with black interiors, so I just assumed that the belts were coordinated with the interior package. I like the color contrasts with the light and dark interior combo. It seems to look good either way. I'll look more closely at the next Tesla event I go to.

I'm a bit curious about how things are rolling out since we are plotting to get another Tesla.

Brian H | 26. november 2013

That's saddle brown, AFAIK, IMO, IIRC. ;)

Brian H | 26. november 2013

Or saddle tan?