White? Silver??? HELP!!! (Cross posted)

White? Silver??? HELP!!! (Cross posted)

Hi. I have about 13 hours left before I am 'locked in' to my order. Now the silver color appears. What to do??? I ordered the standard white. I am not generally a silver person - always worry it will oxidize, and there are a lot of silver cars on the road. BUT, dang! The Tesla really looks good in this color! I also considered Titanium - very unique color.

Any thoughts?

PhillyGal | 06. oktober 2015

I assume the silver is an up-charge over white. Is that a concern for you?

My personal opinion is deeply in the minority in that I strongly dislike silver cars and think they look like the paint was forgotten... However, I hear they stay looking clean and new longer and you should try to picture yourself with each and select what elicits the bigger grin.

jojim | 06. oktober 2015

@PhillyGal I agree that silver has never been a favorite, but, for some reason, it looks spectacular on the Tesla. Any thoughts on titanium? I saw that in person, and it was really interesting - not your run of the mill beige.

My significant other just offered to pay, if I want to change from white, so it is very tempting.

PhillyGal | 06. oktober 2015

The car is so stylish so you really can't go wrong on color - it will be gorgeous anyway. The titanium I haven't seen in person but it definitely looks great online from what I can tell.

If anyone else sees this and has white or titanium pics you can toss up, I'm sure @jojim will appreciate it.

SbMD | 06. oktober 2015

I have been the opposite, @jojim: every car I have bought for the past 20+ years has been silver. I would have gotten the silver Tesla but got the pearl white only because my family said I had to get a different color for a change. Silver looks good, doesn't show dirt as much, and indeed the Tesla in silver looks fantastic.

Toothless2 | 06. oktober 2015

Silver is spectacular in the sunlight. If you live someplace sunny get it. It sparkles like diamonds. More like diamond metallic than silver. Silver is boring. Tesla silver dances. Wish I had it.

hcwhy | 06. oktober 2015

I have standard white with gray leather and I think it looks fantastic....easier to match for repairs, stays looking clean longer than darker colors, and saves $1000 or $1500....what's not to love?

P.Mac | 06. oktober 2015

I have the silver. I think that some cars look better with some colors, and I think this silver is great on the S. Shows less dirt and dust. Less contrast with the very (too?) shiny chrome trim. And I think the particular shade of red in our tail lamps is great with the silver. | 06. oktober 2015

I've had silver for 4 months and get lots of comments. All say how beautiful it is, even when in fact it's pretty dirty. Clean and polished it's gorgeous. Dirty it's still beautiful.

dpena23 | 06. oktober 2015

Silver. I'm not usually a fan of silver but on the Tesla, it surprisingly looks great. The Model S looks even more futuristic in Silver than the other colors--especially with the silver cyclone or turbine wheels. The grey turbine kinda dulls the look and makes the car heavier and aggressive looking.

Don't get white. Too flat, and stark looking. And looks like plastic. or at least get the pearl white if you have to. a little more depth.

Go for silver.

bishoppeak | 06. oktober 2015

Silver highlights a car with a pleasing shape, white is for boxy cars like minivans.

Linus | 06. oktober 2015

The MS looks good in any color. I don't know if this applies to the U.S. but in Europe there are just too many silver cars. That is the reason why I gave up on them. And silver seems to be the Mercedes-Benz standard color. I got my MS in blue and it looks gorgeous.

artmat | 06. oktober 2015

Mine is silver and love the look. Pretty ironic, but met a guy in a white (standard) MS and he said he normally doesn't like silver but thought mine looked awesome.

artmat | 06. oktober 2015

Although the blue is stunning.

tim | 06. oktober 2015

The silver is spectacular. The depth in bright sunshine is amazing.

maadP | 06. oktober 2015

I went through these same emotions few weeks ago. We couldn't decide on any of the colors and at the last minute we went with titanium. It is really a beautiful color with different shades in different lighting.
3days after we confirmed they brought silver. The owner advisor in our local Tesla showroom had a silver Tesla and we really liked it.
So we changed from titanium to silver - my wife thought the titanium looked like gold in certain lighting. It cost us $500 change fee but I think the silver Tesla is simply out of the world especially with the pano.
Ps. Color is a very personal thing. You have to go with your heart rather than your brain.

tflax | 06. oktober 2015

Most of my cars have been black but I decided to change and get the Deep Metallic Blue and it is very stunning.

I have had it for 4 months now and I get a lot of compliments on the color.

douglasstuckey | 07. oktober 2015

My wife and I wanted Sig Red but could not get it. One trip to the Tesla showroom we spotted the silver and both said "that's it" !
Best decision ever!
(Especially in SILVER)

jojim | 07. oktober 2015

Thanks, everyone! I have never owned a silver car, and from reading your answers, it seems Tesla does silver differently than other makers, so I have decided to go silver! And, yes, I have ordered the pano roof.

While I do hate wishing my life away, it's hard waiting until December for my new, lifelong dream car!

TeslaTwo | 07. oktober 2015

Pearl. It's beautiful, but I'm biased. :-)

GreenBehindTheEars | 07. oktober 2015

I never was a big fan of silver cars, but it does look amazing on a Tesla. That being said, go for Titanium. I have seen it in person a few times now and it's beautiful!

Bonlaw | 07. oktober 2015

I had a standard white and loved it. It was always shiny and the color popped. Could not miss it in a parking lot. I saw the silver in a showroom and it was stunning. However on the road the ones I've seen have looked quite drab. Not sure if is the lighting or the lack of body paint upkeep and care by owner.

Although I loved the white, for my second S I went with titanium. I keep it always clean and shiny. In sunlight or up close it is spectacular. In a crowd of cars from far away, not so much. But, I have received far more compliments on the titanium than I have with any other car.
Soooooooo- go with the one you want!

SoCal Buzz | 07. oktober 2015

The silver does look better on a Tesla for some reason, especially with darker tint on windows. IMO, the plain white does not show off the car as much. Pearl looks pretty cool. But I've seen the titanium in person several times, and that would be my top choice.

dpena23 | 07. oktober 2015

@jojim here's a video of a girl detailing a silver Model S. Looks fantastic.

P.S If any of you know what detailing does for the car and how long it takes and where to get it done, please let me know. All I know is the car looks so shiney afterwards!

Davidb0229 | 07. oktober 2015

I always liked the silver, especially with grey interior. But grey is now only available with NextGen seats.
I hope you get the combo you want...

jd38sam | 07. oktober 2015

I was in your shoes last week. We ordered blue and then 2 days before we were going to confirm, Tesla came out with silver. My wife really liked the silver, so silver with grey next gen seats it is. We are in production now with an estimated late November or December delivery.

LizzieG | 07. oktober 2015

Definitely silver. Understated and elegant.

So glad they brought silver back.

Qwiksilver | 08. oktober 2015

White is a close runner up.

RanjitC | 08. oktober 2015

Mercedes Silver Arrows come to mind.

joy2drive | 08. oktober 2015

I haven't seen many silver Teslas, but I absolutely love mine! The color just shimmers! I never tire of looking at it and I don't have to take it to the car wash all the time in order for it to look beautiful! Huge bonus!

rbgpgfl | 09. oktober 2015

I had silver.......highly recommended! Shows off the body very nicely.

jojim | 09. oktober 2015

Went with silver. Now I wait. Maybe the end of November or the beginning of December.

Sam_S | 09. oktober 2015

Silver is so 90's and dull.

Get something that's more contemporary.

overthewoods | 09. oktober 2015

We considered silver but decided against it because our other car (an iMiEV) is silver. Went with the deep metallic blue, and once detailed out with C Quartz, it's REALLY deep blue. Lots of compliments on the color.

sbrehm | 09. oktober 2015

We chose titanium and love it. Actually I would love any color since the car is so sleek and beautiful. We considered white and silver but went with titanium since we have not seen anyone driving that color yet. It is all personal choice...Enjoy!