White-House-Petition to fund the Hyperloop. Sign in, check out!

White-House-Petition to fund the Hyperloop. Sign in, check out!

NKYTA | 13. august 2013

Well, it really should be California funding it, but to help increase Hyperloop's visibility, I happily signed.

ORWA | 13. august 2013

signed it

stianrod | 13. august 2013

Done :)

shs | 13. august 2013

And me.

gooshjkc | 13. august 2013

I won't sign this petition. Mainly because anything the government touches except for things in R&D and the military, they screw it up or don't know how to manage it. The Hyperloop should be privately funded and ran.

ian | 13. august 2013

Then consider this the R and D for future istallations.


ian | 13. august 2013


jonesxander | 13. august 2013

Hm.. i'm not sure about this...

We haven't even received a reply about Tesla selling direct to consumers yet!

I dunno...this sounds like the one where they asked to build the deathstar.

Of course, two different things in terms of feasibility, but to many people, yesterday was the first they heard about hyperloop, and it may as well be the deathstar.

I'm for this, but this seems a little too early from our last victory, and may cause the other initiative to be looked at in a less than serious manner.

I decline to sign for now, so that this idea stays firmly on this forum only, for the future of Tesla. I may be wrong.

Sorry guys, go Tesla! Go Hyperloop!

SUN 2 DRV | 13. august 2013

I didn't sign it because I think the petition was very poorly written. It doesn't even say what the Hyperloop is, what it does, who would benefit, reasons to fund it etc.

All it says it that the Hyperloop isn't as bad as the California high Speed Rail.

Don't get me wrong, I support both, but this petition doesn't do the Hyperloop justice and doesn't include any compelling reasoning to support it at all.

It doesn't even provide the most basic info of What and Why.......

sfsteve002 | 13. august 2013

Signed it. Sent email and posting to my social network to sign petition.

Thank you Musk. You make me proud to be a Californian.

Support Hyperloop 100%.

ddruz | 14. august 2013


Michael Pomeroy | 16. august 2013

You cant find it when you search the WhiteHouse.Gov site.
I looked under each word in the title. Not there. Only when you follow the link.

tranhv68 | 16. august 2013


tranhv68 | 16. august 2013


AtlantaCourier | 17. august 2013


Uncle Ron | 17. august 2013

If there is one thing besides the automobile that changed the economic welfare of all Americans it would have to be trains. A Hyperloop transport system would once again change the way people live their lives and earn their livelihoods. Its development should be treated with the same sense of purpose as the Apollo missions to the moon. The benefits to the national economy would rival the Transcontinental Railway of the 19th century. This would truly be a leap towards that 21st century which we all hope for.

Signed 172