Why not in-wheel hub engines?

Why not in-wheel hub engines?

I have read about the Brabus All Electric 4wd , and now it seems it is in production.
Brabus uses wheel hub engines. 4 of them for a whopping 4 x 110 hp. 440 HP. Grip on all wheels. Must be fun. Even in wintertime.

As we know there is no plan for a 4wd Tesla S any time soon.
But wouldn't it be possible for Tesla also to use those Protean Electric motors?
Sure bolting 2 of them in front corners must be cost friendly way to give Tesla S 4wd?

I do see the obvious, that those 2 electric motors will increase the unsprung weight. Are there others?

Maybe possible to do an personal upgrade to the front wheels, slightly modification maybe but should be doable?

Here you can see those In-wheel motors

judimasters | 15. juni 2014

Because you don't need it with our traction control.

carlk | 15. juni 2014

The question remains why? Nothing it mentioned can not be done with the much less complex conventional design other than "using unoccupied space in the wheel" which is not 100% true anyway. But it's not like designs like Model S, either RWD or future AWD, really eat up that much usable space either.

PBEndo | 15. juni 2014

What is random about Car t man, Webcrawler, chrisdl, ir, etc.?

J.T. | 15. juni 2014

@PBEndo Well, they all know hoe to spell "paid."

J.T. | 15. juni 2014

But not how.

srgloureiro | 16. februar 2015

DTSea, in some languages, like Portuguese, it does not exist an word for engine. And I believe the same applies to all other latin languages.

So, internal combustion type are motors, too.

Anthony J. Parisio | 16. februar 2015

I would bet in the future in wheel motors will be a good choice. For now it is an unproven technology. Tesla needs to prove it's reliable and durable. It can't afford customer disappointment. Protean I look forward to your company's success.