Why There Are So Many Duplicate Posts

Why There Are So Many Duplicate Posts

What happens is that after submitting your post you hit the back button and return to the preposted page. Don't do that.

After composing your brilliant and witty response hit SUBMIT. You'll see a horizontal barber pole indicating your post is being uploaded. If you then hit the BACK button on your browser to return to the thread or the Forum you'll see your post ready to SUBMIT. Hit SUBMIT again and it will post . . . again.

After submitting a post go up to the right and hit Back to Tesla Model S Discussions or hit the BACK button on your browser TWICE.

sule | 22. desember 2014

@JT: Some of those are mine. I am in the industry and know about that but I nevertheless ended up submitting twice. Have no explanation for them except for the last one - I must have accidentally gone back. When I noticed that my text box is still filled with my input in tapped "Submit" again thinking that I didn't do it the first time. Then I noticed the message above the text box - it was mine!

In any case, when I make such things I make sure a GUID is assigned to the message before you can even enter it. Then it can be compared easily on the server for duplication and edits. | 22. desember 2014

some of my posts are so good that i csn't resist posting them again
and again and again ...

J.T. | 22. desember 2014

And that's good because I hardly ever understand them the first time around. :-)

mrspaghetti | 22. desember 2014

Whew, I guess I'm lucky this has never happened to me!

mrspaghetti | 22. desember 2014

Whew, I guess I'm lucky this has never happened to me!

mrspaghetti | 22. desember 2014

Aw, dang it...

trixiew | 22. desember 2014

Crap, you beat me to it.

tarheeltesla | 26. desember 2014

someone mentioned a way to delete posts but I've yet to be able to see button to which they refer

MNGreene | 26. desember 2014

I thought for sure you were referring to repetitive posts rather than duplicate posts and were going to direct people to your FAQ!

J.T. | 26. desember 2014

@tarheeltesla As explained in the FAQ the edit function is available only to the original poster. The OP can edit the original post or delete the entire thread. Everything else is forever.

J.T. | 26. desember 2014

MNGreene You can lead a . . . Well, you know.

Captain_Zap | 26. desember 2014

Blame the Hot Buttered Rum.

PatT | 26. desember 2014

The hot buttered rum isn't the problem -- take the second sip. Just don't hit the SUBMIT button twice.

SeattleSid | 26. desember 2014

Anyone know why there are so many duplicate posts?

Brian H | 26. desember 2014

For the Original Post in a thread only, use the Edit which appears near the T logo. No others can be changed.

I avoid the problem by right-clicking every post in the Forum, first, and opening in a new tab. This results in a long string of tabs, oldest at the start. Read or respond, close the tab, and the next in line opens. No bouncing in an out of the Forum listing. Use the 2nd (New) number under Replies unless all replies or the whole posting are new, then use the main title link instead to get the whole thread.

Surf | 26. desember 2014

For a tech company, this forum is very poorly designed. It should allow edit for X amount of time after a post is made. Also being able to quote posts instead of saying @whoever would be helpful like any real forum i.e. TMC can.

Brian H | 27. desember 2014

Not a real forum. A blog kluge.