Why there is no badge to identify the performance model?

Why there is no badge to identify the performance model?

I mean badge like M or AMG which the performance model is compared to. I stay clear of those cars when I see the badge even when I'm drving my Porsche (Cayman S). I know insiders can tell from the spoiler or grey colored wheels but isn't it nice to have something that is easily identifiable to those Mustang or BMW drivers so they will think twive before trying to challenge you?

And the badge does help sell more cars.

RobertAL | 24. februar 2013

Why would you want any car you are capable of blowing off the line to NOT challenge you? Isn't one joy of the performance model to force those with throaty ICEs to spin their tires, suck a couple gallons of gas, and possibly catch a citation from gendarmes they've alerted with their exhibition? And while they are getting pulled over, you just keep on rolling silently, but very quickly, with a bemused smile and the knowledge that it will only cost you a few pennies to recharge and do it all again.

Paul Newman modified a VW bug by dropping a 351 Ford into it. He was irritated that people dismissed his little car so easily. So then he was able to let them feel some embarrassment as he blew away all those thought he had a gutless toy. There was no badge on his bug; he drove with smug confidence and that is what you get with the Performance version.

Personally, I detest any signage on a vehicle. Why should owners be moving advertising signs? All those letters to indicate models or levels of luxury or engines do nothing for the car. Just as stars are known by a single name, so too should cars be identified by just a symbol. You know the horse, and you know the B, so why shouldn't Tesla and its T be sufficient to alert the lesser vehicles that you have arrived?

If you fear the contest off the line, but want to warn everyone that your car is fast, there is nothing to prevent you from buying one of those LED signs you hang in the back window that let you create your own message. It can state "LOOK AT ME, I AM DRIVING A FAST CAR THAT I BOUGHT JUST TO SAY I SPENT A LOT OF MONEY"

Docjay | 24. februar 2013

There is now. I picked my P85 up on Friday. THe guy at the service center pointed it out to me and said this was only the third one he had seen.

I am glad its there. Recognition is important in the real world. I am proud of the car and don't care who knows it. | 24. februar 2013

Even the non-performance can leave most all of the ICE competition behind. The vehicle is impressive without additional badging, You could always get a personaized license plate holder. "Yeah, It's a Performance!" (I went for the P without the spoiler & have 19" snows for Winter-- going stealth but still have daily experiences where testosterone laden trucks & cars want to show me how loud & fast they can get) | 24. februar 2013

@Docjay-- what did they do to signify the P on your vehicle?

glaserud | 24. februar 2013

Docjay: Pics? Did you request a badge or did it come standard?

nickjhowe | 24. februar 2013

@carlk - Whenever Rolls Royce were asked how much power their cars had, their response was a simple, "Enough." I like the understatement of the lack of a badge.

carlk | 24. februar 2013

Robert, Many who buy fast cars want to be seen driving one more than wanting to drive fast all the time, No? I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

Your LED sign analogy is not right and way out of line for typical Model S buyers. Ricers maybe known for puting a red R badge on non-performance models but I don't think anyone who owns a model S would put a non-OEM sign on the car to make him/her look like a fool. Besides all the high end car companies have clear identifications, M, AMG, RS, S/Turbo/Turbo S for on their high performance models.

Docjay, Glass to hear that your new one has it. Could you provide some more details?

carlk | 24. februar 2013

nick, That makes sense considering many of these are driven by chauffeurs. BTW many of the high end brands do offer delete option for people who do not want the badge but I think only very minority of people do that. Like I said in the op the badges do help sell more (expensive) cars and the companies know it too.

Docjay | 24. februar 2013

I did not request it, it came standard.

I took a photo, but I am apparently too much of a Luddite to get it on here. Tell me how, cut and paste failed, and I will post.

mlaiken | 24. februar 2013

@docjay, not sure how to post a pic but in the meantime can you describe the badging? I am expecting delivery of a P85 in a couple weeks and was thrilled to read that it now has some kind of badging. It is on back, side. How big, what color, etc? Thanks for the info.

sancann | 24. februar 2013

They have pictures of it on the TMC forum under interior/exterior section. It appears it is now on the P85 and 85 and simply has P85 or 85 on the opposite side from Model S in the same font.

Docjay | 24. februar 2013

And the P is red. :-D

JZ13 | 24. februar 2013

Yep, picked up my Performance on Thursday and I have a red P.

tashbrook | 24. februar 2013

Ditto. Had mine for a week now. Nice red P85 on the back!

drp | 24. februar 2013

That's gonna' look sweet on my grey once I have the calipers painted to match!

teddyg | 24. februar 2013

C'mon guys! Post a pic of this new badge!

Docjay | 24. februar 2013

I will!!! Tell me how!!!!

nickjhowe | 24. februar 2013

Upload it to Flickr or, then click the share button. Copy the code that starts <img src= or <a href= and paste it here.

Note: From the dropdown on the share options choose '640 x...' or a smaller size or it won't display here properly.

Superliner | 24. februar 2013

Look at the Red MS at the bottom of the page connected to the S/C cable here >>>

It clearly shows a P 85 badge on Teslas own site. Guess it never made it to production.

Superliner | 24. februar 2013
Brian H | 24. februar 2013

The photo must first be uploaded to a website, like imageshack. Then grab the URL for that picture, and insert in this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600">

Alex K | 24. februar 2013

From TeslaMotorsClub