Why wasn't Tesla at the Chicago Auto Show?

Why wasn't Tesla at the Chicago Auto Show?

I was disappointed to find out they didn't have a spot at the Chicago Auto Show. Chicago has been a place where I've seen quite a few Model S's about, and is a car that makes a ton of sense for well to do suburbanites who commute into the city. I thought a spot at this show would only bolster their awareness, considering it's about the largest auto show square footage wise in the country. But alas, I had to settle for a look at BMW's I3 (which is goofy looking for a BMW). Come on Tesla, this is your link between both coasts, and has been a destination for quite a few Model S's.

David N | 05. mars 2014

I asked the same question about the car shows (Cleveland), response was Tesla generally doesn't do Car shows

negarholger | 05. mars 2014
Brian H | 06. mars 2014

Why bother? It would just cause more people to order, and TM can't keep up as it is.

Also, Auto shows are generally financed by dealers, 99.9% of whom wish Tesla would vanish in a puff of tailpipe exhaust.

minervo.florida | 06. mars 2014

Correct, not needed, no advertising needed at this time either.

Battery production cannot keep up now and world demand is just beginning.