Would you let a fellow Tesla owner charge up at your house?

Would you let a fellow Tesla owner charge up at your house?

What if you could access a directory of Tesla owners across the country where you could stop and charge up for an hour or two. You could swap stories and meet great people. Think of it as staying at a hostel. You of course would have to call or email ahead to plan appropriately. Thoughts? This concept could save you from being stranded just short of a charging station. I am in Kansas City if you happen by, I'll leave the light on.

shs | 25. kan 2013

Someone is charging at our house on Tuesday.

ajamison | 25. kan 2013

I am not sure I would want to stay at a hostel that sounds like it might not be fun a Hotel maybe ;)

trydesky | 25. kan 2013


rchiang | 25. kan 2013

I'm about to install my HPWC at my house. The problem is I'm still debating if I should list my charging port on I don't mind helping fellow tesla owner's but I'm afraid that I would have so many people trying to charge at my place, that it would cost a lot more electricity bill. 80a a couple cars a day would jack up 100 bucks? not sure but possibly.
That's why if I do list it on the I would state to charge little gratuity fee not to make money but to help me out as well. I think it would be fair. what do you guys think? If I help you, then understand too.

rchiang | 25. kan 2013

I think if I was stranded situation and I needed to charge badly I defiantly offer to pay them as well for their help.

jat | 25. kan 2013

Sure, that's why I have it listed in PlugShare.

Car-El | 26. kan 2013

Yes, of course. But electric power is not for free. So to pay for a charge, seems to be fair.
I know I will pay! Do you know anyone who give gasoline/petrol/diesel away for fee?

txjak | 26. kan 2013

@rchiang, Unless your electric rate is above average, $0.04 per mile should cover your cost. That's $5.00 for 250 miles. This is based on the national average of $0.11 per kWh and 350 Wh per mile charging.

But, as they say, YMMV.

BTW, it will take about four hours for the HPWC to deliver that 250 miles, assuming the car has twin chargers, otherwise it'll take about eight hours.

mikeflb | 26. kan 2013

rchiang (and others with similar concerns)

To use HPWC the person would have to have twin chargers, I am thinking less than 40% of Tesla owners will have twin chargers so you probably won't be inundated but certainly it could add up. The other factor is where you are with respect to well traveled interstate traffic vs far off corner a long distance from the interstate. I agree with all here that one would not be out of line to ask for a small charge for electric payback. If you feel like "waiving the charge" for a short charge you could always do that on the spot. my guess is the social / sharing aspect of fellow MS owner may be worth the charge.

I am going to list mine on plugshare with no charge to start and see how it goes. I can always add a note on plugshare about cost, mine might be $1.75 / Hr if charging at 40A. I have NEMA 14-50.

40A * 240V * 1hr = 9600 kWh @ $.18/kWh = $1.73 / hr

From my house you can walk to a beach while your car charges.
Mike F - Long Beach, NY

slr_pwrd | 26. kan 2013

To help out in name of humanity, my "doors" will be open 24x7. My electricity is free anyway thanks to 5.25kW of solar planels. I am planing to install a receptacle outside as we'll just for that reason for guests of all kinds just in case.

J.T. | 26. kan 2013

I live in Valley Stream, NY and if you're in my neighborhood then you should go the extra 10 miles to Mike F in Long Beach because there's nothing to do in valley Stream.

syow13 | 26. kan 2013

I think it depends on where you live
In California .04 to .11 per kwh would be a dream!
However it's more like .30 per kwh during the times when "friends" would need it (time of say usage
Is cheap only 12am to. 7am)

jat | 26. kan 2013

@mikeflb - don't forget the ~86% efficiency, so divide by .86 to get the real cost.

@syow13 - I'm currently paying 4.4 cents/kWh in GA, and that is the regular rate -- the EV rate drops it to 1.9 cents/kWh in the middle of the night.

george210 | 26. kan 2013

YES when a Tesla owner needs a few miles to get to a Supercharger, heck being a Tesla owner makes him/her like family.
Right now the closest Supercharger is in Gilroy, CA, but hopefully Elon will finally announce many more Superchargers this upcoming week ( by 5/31/13 )

jbunn | 26. kan 2013

Yes. Also, if I saw them on the side of the road with a flat. Is it silly to feel like we are part of a family?

hbh24 | 26. kan 2013

Yes, I have listed myself on Plugshare. A Model S owner was going to use my Nema 14-50 plug on his way from Canada to North Carolina, but I am 16 hilly miles from the highway and there are some chargers at a local mall near the highway. I did stop in Buffalo on my way to Cleveland to charge at a fellow Model S owner. It was really nice to use the HPWC. If I was closer to the highway I would install one for travelers. I don't have much use for one for my charging needs.

portia | 26. kan 2013

I don't think you HAVE to have twin chargers to use HPWC, only to charge it at the faster speed.
but right now I am not listed, just because I don't think anyone needs it where I live. But if I live somewhere it could be useful, then, yes I would let a fellow Tesla model S owner charge at my home.

james babb | 26. kan 2013

Yes, I have listed my location on Plugshare. My 14-50 outlet is available for any Tesla owners as I await the production of my Model X. I have a 25 kW solar panel system, and I generate a surplus of electricity most months, so I am not worried about the cost of the electricity.

Darmok | 26. kan 2013

My home has been on PlugShare and Recargo since November. I hosted my first two S owners last night and the night before, as there aren't a lot of charging options yet in Las Vegas. Both were pretty low on range, but now have enough to get back to Barstow. Both offered to pay something, I declined. Maybe if it gets super busy paying will become necessary, but it's not anywhere close yet.

GaryJ | 26. kan 2013

My HPWC should be up and working by next week. I also have a 30amp J1772 charger and for the old school crowd a TAL paddle charger for the old Toyota RAV4 EV.

I'll add everything to PlugShare when the HPWC is up.

I am 2 blocks west of I-5 off Del Mar Heights Rd.

kent | 26. kan 2013

Yes. Nice to meet fella Model S owners.

marty | 26. kan 2013

I am impressed by the responses so far. I do think Tesla owners are a family of sorts, hopefully the kind that can get a long and not try to borrow money! Reminds me of the sign given a fellow motorcycle rider.

My original thought was in those rare cases where public charging is just that much further down the road to make it dicey to attempt to make it, grabbing an hours charge to get there safely and swap a few "grin" stories as a plus. I never intended it to be free juice, just a life line to someone in need.

Mike F sure hope I run low near your house (beach)!

Sol_pwrd - what a guy, thank you in advance.

jat | 26. kan 2013

It isn't just Model S - I also have a J1772 charger (for my wife's LEAF, and any other EV in need is welcome to charge with it as well.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 26. kan 2013

Yes--We have 14-50 receptacles and closed contribution boxes at the motel at our resort in Jackson County, Wisconsin. Be warned that it is a clothing optional resort with swiming lake. campground etc.

davidcjones | 26. kan 2013

We listed our chargers on PlugShare a couple years ago when we got a Roadster, so there are 2 chargers there now that we have a Model S.

electricblue0303 | 26. kan 2013


Brian H | 26. kan 2013

correct. The HPWC and battery negotiate the battery's max. No problem. I know an owner who got 1 charger and the HPWC for convenience and appearance.

HenryT2 | 26. kan 2013

Yes. But I'm moving soon, so I'll join plugshare when I get to my new home. I'll make sure I put an outlet outside so that guests can access easily.

noel.smyth | 27. kan 2013

Yup, on plugshare already.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | 27. kan 2013

I opted to put my HPWC and a J1772 at my office and make them available to the public. It's right off I-75, which should make it convenient for everyone. I listed it on both Plugshare and the DOE site. DOE updates their database once a month, and many third party listings take a feed from them.

Mireille '&... | 27. kan 2013


SamO | 27. kan 2013

Every business owner that buys a Tesla Model S should install a HPWC available to the public. Minimal cost, lots of goodwill.

Brian H | 28. kan 2013

Have any of you sharers had much "business"?

Winnie796 | 28. kan 2013

I would, without hesitation.

NumberOne | 28. kan 2013

I would share, although I am close to the Tysons Corner VA store. I am not sure what kind of charging equipment they have there, but I am putting in a HPWC this week. With the HPWC I can only accommodate Tesla owners. I mentioned this in e-mail correspondence with someone at Tesla's Ownership Experience division, who said he would pass idea along. I do not expect a lot of people to use my equipment, but I think that Tesla maintaining a database of owners with HPWC that are willing to share is the best way to go, vs people listing themselves on plugshare. Plugshare is a useful resource, but there are numerous charging locations in Northern VA, and I am not sure one could charge at a rate of 62 miles per hr at most listed locations so for Tesla owners, much of the info on there would not be as helpful. I also would like to limit my exposure to the outside world a little, so a limited access resource such as a Tesla database accessible only by Tesla's on-board computer is much preferred to an open database. This way, when Tesla has completed the SC network the HPWC database could be retired.

RonaldA | 28. kan 2013

absolutely sign up for plug share. Tesla owners have at least one common interest and I amm sure they are not so numerous that it would pose any issues. I have charged two since I signed up and installed an HPC and two nema 14/50 just for this purpose. Bring it on

JThompson | 28. kan 2013

My answer is "yes - of course - and I have!"

rchiang | 28. kan 2013

The problem with me is that once I let my fellow MS charge is that I have to move my ICE car out of my garage since only 2 garage space then park my ICE car on the streets, which I could get a ticket thus costing me more money and hassle. I have put 3 cars before but it was really tight. Got a go kart and trailer in there already, would need to shift some serious stuff around. LOL. Also if they have to put their car there for full charge will need close the garage and come back later. I don't live in suburban area like all you guys, I live in downtown DC parking is limited for most people. But I believe my place would be perfect place because New York Ave is next 2 blocks right on the path to NYC. It would be ideal place to the next charging station in Del on the way to NY or Boston.
But of course if this person was in desperate situation and gladly help out on the tab, without any thought would gladly help fellow MS.

thxdude | 28. kan 2013

Of course - as long as I'm home since the HPWC is in the garage. But if you going to/from MSP to WI on I90, feel free to stop by. PlugShare is a good option for getting your station out there and listed (I'm listed). Anyone who knows of HPWC's at Service Centers that are publicly available please list them on PlugShare also. I'll be stopping into the MSP Service Center tomorrow to get my paint protection kit installed and the roof rack flip cover repaired. I'm looking forward to seeing the service center.

skulleyb | 28. kan 2013

I put my 100 amp HPWC up on plugshare and recargo, I'm right by the 101 and 405 freeway in Encino Ca.
I have seen no action yet.
I may be to close to the Hawthone supercharger and we have many public chargers near by too.
But i would be more than happy to "charge it forward".


mal42north | 28. kan 2013

I would definitely let some one charge up if I was home, since the 14/50 is in the garage it is inaccessible if no one is home. An issue in the bay area is that the marginal cost of peak rate power on the E9 plan is $0.5 per kWhr, or $5 per hour at 10A ($0.35/kWhr for partial peak). So charging could get pretty expensive if a lot of people make use of it.

Darmok | 28. kan 2013

My plug is in the garage, but I put a heavy gauge extension cord under the garage door so a couple of guys could plug in over the holiday weekend. It worked fine and allowed them to come and go as they pleased.

RyanMN | 28. kan 2013

When I went by it last week there wasn't any Tesla signage on the building :) So good luck! The building I assumed was the correct ones was labeled Lincoln Electric.

carlgo | 28. kan 2013

It would depend on the driver, you know, heh, heh. Darn, ma'am , that charger sure is slow today...

So, a Tesla driver runs out of juice on a lonely road, knocks on the door to borrow an extension cord, the beautiful farmer lady says the power is out, you will have to spend the night, but there is only one bed. That night they get in and get closer and closer to the center where they touch. "You know what I want" she says. "Yeah, you want the whole damn bed".

Its the old farmhouse joke, but electric for the new age.

Mark Z | 29. kan 2013

Been on PlugShare for a couple of years. No one needed it because of nearby free public chargers in the Brea Downtown area. With the Brea Mall installing HPWC for the new Tesla Store, Model S drivers can soon enjoy a free fast charge near the JC Penney.

John56 | 29. kan 2013

My 50amp outlet is always available to fellow Tesla owners. I'd like to list my home in plugshare and recargo, but don't know much about how they work. Just don't want to open myself to unnecessary security risks.

appljd | 29. kan 2013

I just did last week. He left his car overnight. The owner gave me a nice bottle of champagne the next day. It was not at all required....