X tent accessory

X tent accessory

How about selling a rear hatch tent. What a way to car camp. Open the rear hatch and snap in a tent panel.

Talk about the perfect heated and cooled tent. The camping accessory could include an air mattress shaped to fit the back with the seats down and a tent insert for the open hatch.

The perfect option on a four wheel drive crossover.

Brian H | 20. oktober 2013

An aftermarket company. Call the product "X-tent"!

Brian H | 20. oktober 2013

Image from above post:

Roamer@AZ USA | 20. oktober 2013

I was thining even simpler. Just an accordion fold tent that fills the space when the hatch is up.

Quick and easy way to get a little headroom in the back.

Roamer@AZ USA | 20. oktober 2013


cheltonb | 11. november 2013

An item that needs to be on the future Tesla's in the East and Midwest is heated exterior mirrors.They are not that expensive to install but are very much needed in cold climates.

ian | 11. november 2013

And the NW doesn't need them? ;-)

Actually I'm a bit shocked they don't have heated exterior mirrors on the S. I had to check the specs and you're right. They don't.

jhrasmussen | 05. august 2016

Anyone seen or heard something on this issue ?

ken | 06. august 2016

The cold weather package has heated mirrors, all seats, steering wheel, etc.

raging.dragonfly | 09. august 2016

Don't know about MS, but for the X, heated side mirrors is standard: see MX Design Studio/Standard equipment/Technology, down near the bottom: "folding, heated side mirrors".