Zero SR, the Model S of electric motorcycles

Zero SR, the Model S of electric motorcycles

If you like both cars and motorcycles, and believe in the electric powered future, then I recommend this reading:

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Rocky_H | 13. kan 2014

Yep, I bought a 2013 Zero S, a year before I got my Model S. That one made a lot of sense to me, because motorcycles, as infrequently used vehicles for some people, have a lot more problems with gas engine maintenance. If you leave a gas bike sitting for a few months in the Winter, it's usually a pain to try to get it up and running right in the Spring. Electric is simple turnkey and go any time. Also, I don't have to think, "How many miles has it been since I did an oil change? Well, it's not enough miles yet, but I think it's been about 10 months, which probably isn't good."

I had built up a subconscious pro and con list, where the riding part was fun, but all of the irritation things had to do with the engine.