Configured, no VIN yet: can I change config?

Configured, no VIN yet: can I change config?

I configured my Model 3 2 weeks ago and have not yet received a VIN. With recent update on AWD I’d like to change my config or hold off until I can order AWD. Can I do this without forfeiting my deposit?

AJPHL | 13. kan 2018

Probably not, some people have changed color or added EAP without additional charge, but that was because it was just a case of assigning you a different car that was also already built. In this case, you’d be switching for a car that isn’t going to be built for two months at the earliest, and so Tesla would be delaying the revenue. Only calling Tesla will give you a definitive answer though.

lilbean | 13. kan 2018

Don’t you just pay the $500 fee?

nabilriaz | 13. kan 2018

You can change if VIN is not assigned, I did change the color (Blue to MSM) and wheels (19" to AERO) after 10 days of config. they did not charge me anything, but Tesla told me that next change will cost $500 and only possible before VIN assigned.

Mehrdad | 13. kan 2018

I added EAP after conguguration. Original config date 4/18; updated contract now lists config as 5/10. I’m hoping that doesn’t affect my queue in line.

christian | 13. kan 2018

They don’t charge change fees anymore since you can do it yourself in your account. You can change your configuration as much as you want. I assume when the AWD option becomes available, you can just simply switch. (However, you will obviously be pushed way back in line by all the people who had a higher priority than you who deferred their configuration.)

I spoke to a Tesla sales agent last Monday and was told that changing your configuration doesn’t reset your priority. However, if you have a VIN, you’ll obviously lose it, and while it could, depending on your configuration, speed up receiving a VIN, it could just as easily delay it. This seemed to be anecdotally proven by another user I know who reconfigured their car on Thursday (after 3 weeks with no VIN) and received a VIN on Friday.

b.tesla | 13. kan 2018

When I called Tesla Sales, they told me "no".

After I click to "Manage" my M3, I don't see any kind of "edit" or "modify" button on my M3 page. I've configured, but I haven't been assigned a VIN yet. You'd think that they would want to make it easy for you to upgrade to a more expensive and profitable option like AWD and/or Performance package.

christian | 13. kan 2018

b.tesla, you don’t see “Need to make changes? Edit your design.” under the phone number you call for assistance on your Manage page?

trent | 13. kan 2018

In order to edit your config you need to make a change. Might not work for everyone but worked for me. Go to the reservation management page where it says “Complete the steps below to take delivery”. I changed my trade in from No to Yes. This changed it from Complete to Pending. Then the Edit Design appears under Your Vehicle.

b.tesla | 13. kan 2018

Ah, interesting. Viewing the HTML source, I could somewhat see WouldLikeToChangeTxt, but the option wasn't available either with Safari on Mac or Chrome on Windows. If I still don't have a VIN by the time dual motor configuring comes along, I may try the trade-in toggle.

jamesuh | 13. kan 2018

If you’ve already configured, you won’t be able to change to AWD, even if VIN hasn’t been assigned. I spoke with a Tesla rep about this a couple of days ago.

kevcabrera | 13. kan 2018

For those who configured and changed to different color or added features prior to their VIN being assigned, did that extend time on recieving a VIN and delivery?
I ordered white on 4/26 and have not been assigned a VIN but am having second thoughts because of people saying the rear bumper is a different color.

christian | 13. kan 2018

An agent at Tesla said it doesn’t necessarily extend the time. It can delay it if what you want isn’t available or it can speed it up if it is, but it doesn’t reset your priority.

Someone up here in WA switched to Aeros on Thursday and received their VIN on Friday.

jen | 24. kan 2018

Yep, I just called and said changing it before you get your vin is unlikely to cause delays. It could just as likely make it come sooner. I changed from white to midnight metallic because I worry about the bumper issue.

narendra_sairam | 25. juni 2018

If the portal won't give you the option to change the configuration, it might be a good news. I submitted my configuration on 04/20 and have the option to change configuration until yesterday. Today morning i noticed that the option is no longer available. Thought of calling Tesla but i got a call in the meantime from the Tesla sales that my car is ready to be picked up in 2 days and they sent me an email with purchase order along with the VIN (32***). Yeehaw!

marcos.marcosma... | 25. kan 2020

Hi, if at all cost can change the chosen model color of my Tesla unsred of the blue crime?