Timing of install for solar panels and Powerwall

Timing of install for solar panels and Powerwall

Hi - I just recently got a quote from Tesla solar and seperately a quote for the Tesla powerwall. I'm a bit surprised that the installation costs for the Powerwall are $2,750. My house is relatively new with newer electrical work so I would have thought that the install would be closer to the $1k mark since they quoted $1k-$3k for installation.

I asked the Powerwall rep if having it installed at the same time as solar would make the install cheaper and he said no.

Does anyone else have any insight into this specifically on whether it makes a difference in pricing if you do everything at the same time?

markbraukman | 27. kan 2018

I have just had solar panels and 2 PWs installed. Waiting for utility to install new meters. When I spoke with the Tesla sales rep (back in Aug 2017) about getting PW 1st and then tile solar roof when available, I was told that the Fed tax incentive (what ever it is called) would not apply to just the PW. But if solar panels and PW were installed at same time, the Fed tax would apply to the total cost of both. I won't find out if that is true until next tax season.

shank15217 | 27. kan 2018

PW2 installs are delayed by at least 6 months, they are booked solid. I am fully permitted and ready for install and they said Q4 at the earliest.

Babaron | 29. kan 2018

I submitted my request for a Solar panel/power wall quote last night and within 10 minutes received a call back from Tesla. My in-home consultation appointment is set up for tomorrow morning. I am curious to see what sort of timetable I’ll get after the consultation. Luckily, I have until the end of 2019 to do my install. | 29. kan 2018

Where would you do the installation?

Babaron | 03. juni 2018

The installation will be in Florida on the gulf coast Tampa area.

noel.smyth | 03. juni 2018

I am all set for the design now and my new install date moved from June to September to now sometime in 2019. Seems all battery resources going to model 3.

Babaron | 10. juni 2018

The timetable I have now been given is 3 to 4 months for panel installation and about eight months for Powerwall. I'm inclined to proceed with the panel installation and place an order for the power wall so as not to delay it too far into 2019.

Tesla-David | 11. juni 2018

We will get our 2-PW2 installation in seven days in Edmonds, WA. Things moved pretty quickly once we had our site inspection in February, signed the contract in early May and got our approvals from our electricity provider a couple of weeks ago. Initially told no PW2's available and then informed after a couple days they found two for our installation. I have been complaining regularly about lack of action on our PW2 order, and they finally elevated it for action. We already have 13.2 kWh solar system installed in 2012.